7 Things Smart Parents Do

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Parenting styles, as with everything else, as changed over the years. Today’s parents are more friendly and focused in their approach, and sometimes overzealous. Although there are no perfect parents and no perfect ways of parenting, here are seven things that smart parents can do to make parenting more effective.

1.      Always encourage:

The smart parent always encourages the child and motivates him/her to go the extra mile. Irrespective of the level of achievement, parents need to utter words of praise each time the child does something better or makes an attempt to improve.


2.       Never ridicule:

Laughing at your child and chiding her will not achieve anything. In fact when you mock your child’s attempts, you stop any further attempts from her part to try further. Often parents regard their child to have an understanding and knowledge beyond their age. When the child makes faltering attempts to learn, overbearing parents put them down.


3.       Don’t reprimand in public:

Ideally ‘don’t reprimand’ should be followed but this is not always possible. So please ensure that you do not reprimand in front of others. Sometimes when the child overshoots the limits you may feel like giving him a piece of your mind at that moment. But reserve the wise words for a later time when you are alone with your child. This will also help to assuage your anger and enable you to deal calmly with the situation.


4.       Don’t over praise:

In our pursuit to be smart parents we often end up lauding more praise than necessary. This leads to an inflated ego which does not help in any way apart from making the child arrogant and overconfident.


5.       Talk often:

Smart parents talk to their kids as often as they can. This is very necessary especially in this world of digital media where we spend hours on our gadgets forgetting the rest of the world. Curtail the time spent on mobiles and iPads and spend quality time with your children. Talk to them and encourage them to talk to you.


6.       You are important to me:

Most children misbehave because of little or no attention from the parents. They give vent to negative emotions by throwing a tantrum so that you focus on them. Always make them feel that they mean the world to you. Listen to their daily account with interest. You may find their talks childish and irrelevant, but listen to them anyway. Once they grow up and stop talking you will miss their banter.


7.       Rules are not made to be broken:

Each and every family has certain rules which may include the time for bed, playtime, dining table rules, behaviour , TV time and so on. Be sure not to make too stringent ones that are quite difficult to follow. At the same time make the rules clear to the child as he grows up and make it a part of your home culture. Once rules are made, see to it that they are not broken and even you need to take care to adhere to them. This instils discipline early and prepares children well for a disciplined and organised lifestyle. Of course rules can be bent at times and should not be very strict.


Remember, smart parents raise smart kids.


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