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In order to grow up and face the fiercely competitive world your child needs to be as confident as possible. You, as a parent, play a prime role in fostering your child’s confidence and bolstering it to maximum levels. Building confidence is not done in a day; it is a regular process. Read on to understand a few ways in which you can do your part well.

Listen when she speaks

When your child gets back from school, it is very likely that she recounts the day’s occurrences to you. One cannot expect everything that she narrates to be of high importance. Also her priorities are different from yours. Listening and responding is very important. Brushing her off may be a good idea at that time because you may have so many things at hand but as a parent you need to focus on what is more important. Knowing that you are interested in her day’s happenings will make her more confident as a person plus you will be able to ascertain if all is well with her in school.

Treat crisis with care

Your child forgot her friend’s birthday and is upset about it. Or his classmate did not invite him to a get together and he is very disappointed. This may be quite trivial to you but for your child it is not. So please don’t try to trivialise matters and make the situation worse. Sympathise and let your child know that you understand. Cheer him up with positive thoughts and watch him perk up in no time.

Criticise the act and not the child

Many parents end up calling their child ‘lazy’, ‘rude’ or even ‘stupid’. Never criticise your child in this way. If your child has not studied hard then instead of calling her ‘lazy’ tell her she needs to work harder. If your child is rude then tell her that her manner of talking is rude instead of telling her that she is rude. Do not label your child as foolish or weak as they will also think themselves to be so.

Question instead of scolding

If you are not happy with your child’s behaviour then question her instead of scolding. If your child is being rude or answering back too frequently then ask him the reason. If his arguments are wrong then explain the point to him. If he is right then listen to him while pointing out the right way to put things. Raving and ranting will not achieve anything. Let your child speak up with confidence.

Praise often ridicule never

Be lavish in showering praises on your child. Encourage him at each and every opportunity. Praise any positive act, however small and watch his confidence grow. Reprimand once in a while if required and do it in a positive manner. But never ridicule your child and make undue comparisons with others. Do not worry that the praise will spoil your child or make her vain.

Focus on strengths and not weaknesses

Most parents are focussed on the academic performance of the child. If the child doesn’t do well in a Maths test it sidelines her good performance in dance. While the parent can encourage her to do better in academics, giving her strengths the due importance is required as well. Praise her skills and this will encourage her to perform better.

Give responsibilities

As parents we like to shelter and protect our child as much as possible. But we should learn when to let go and let him or her shoulder some responsibilities. Begin small and then add to the list. Assign household duties to each and every member of the family. Your child should also play a role according to his age. Do not interfere and improve upon what he is doing. Ask for his opinion once in a while. This will make him more confident in the long run besides making him a responsible human being.

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