The school admits students belonging to all strata of the society. Udgam School has a heterogeneous class composition and we admit children of lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, architects, engineers, management professionals, government officials and people from all walks of life. Admissions are granted to students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and from various communities.

The school management reserves the right to grant admission to any child. Kindly report to the management if anyone is giving assurance or commitment of admission. You may call on 079-71012345/71012301 or email to

As of now there are no vacant seats in 2020-21 (Class 1 to 10).

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Subject offered in grade XI

English English English English
Physics Physics Business Studies History/Entrepreneurship/Information Practices
Chemistry Chemistry Economics Economics/Psychology
Maths Biology Accounts Economics/Psychology
Computer/Economics/Engineering Graphics Psychology/Economics/Applied Maths Applied Maths/Entrepreneurship/Information Practices Hindi/ Gujarati/Applied Maths /Engineering Graphics
Political Science/Painting

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