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The new success mantra is ‘BE RESTED’

If you are a bundle of nerves, probably the board examinations are round the corner. You have studied throughout the year but you wish you had more time. There is so much to learn and revise. When you are sitting with Physics, the numerical fade out to be replaced by Hindi grammar which you haven’t touched in a while. The same is for English. Just when you thought that you had got a grip on the grammar part, trepidations about the literature takes over. Basically, the list is never ending and the fears will not be shaken off so easily until after the exams are over for good. The question to ask yourself is ‘Are you fit for the boards?’ No, I don’t mean ‘ready’ in a scholastic way. The meaning of ‘fit’ here is physical fitness.

Students are so wrapped up in preparation work that they hardly spare time for their health now. I don’t want to add to your worries but falling ill or feeling sick before or during the boards is going to be disastrous. You may think that you have no time for all this ‘health’ advice now. But a few minutes of attention to fitness is not only going to calm your overwrought nerves, but also improve your performance. Now that I have finally caught your attention, here’s what to do to be mentally and physically fit for the big boards.

  1. Do not forget to BREATHE: By breathing I do not mean the natural motions of inhaling and exhaling that we go through all the time. Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths. Feel your stomach going out as you inhale and going in as you exhale. Take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Do this about 8-10 times in a row. Repeat whenever you feel tensed or in between topics or subjects. This will take only a few minutes of your time but you will feel the difference. You will feel more relaxed and less tensed and this will improve your concentration.
  2. ENERGISE: You may not have the time now for serious walking or running for the sake of exercise. Try to get as much of walking that you can get. Get up from your seat and walk around for some time. Go to the kitchen and have a glass of water. Go out and take a brisk walk or a jog for about 5-10 minutes and come back refreshed. Repeat this thrice a day. This will give you the much needed break from studies and help your muscles relax while keeping you fit.
  3. RELAX: Although boards are knocking at the door, fretting will not help. The nail biting, lip chewing and nervous palpitations will not help you perform well. You have prepared all year through and now is the time for revision. Do not get worked up or tensed. Try to stay as calm as you can be. Worrying will only hamper your studies.
  4. EAT well: Chances are that with all the preparation for the exams you have lost all interest in food. Do not skip meals as this will make you feel weak. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast. You can resort to milk and cereal with fruits if you wish to save time. Eat nutritious lunch and dinner too. Remember to eat more fruits and vegetable to store up on vitamins and minerals. This will increase your stamina and prevent you from falling ill.
  5. SLEEP well: Most examinees skip on the daily dose of sleep to put in a few extra hours of studies. Do not sleep for less than six hours a day and try to get a nap in between. If you sleep less than this you will feel tired and sleepy and your efficiency will be less. Do not think of studies while turning in for the night as this will keep you awake. Instead focus on other things like what you would like to do when the exams are over.
  6. TALKing helps: Discuss your fears and concerns with your parents, teachers or any other person you feel close to. Do not bundle up your worries as this will affect your preparation. Talk about it and feel lighter by the minute.
  7. ENTERTAINMENT: Once in a while take some time off from studies. Watch television or listen to music. Go out with your family. Meet friends or relatives. Talk for a while on the telephone. Try to steer the topic away from the oncoming exams. Laugh out loud and feel the difference.
  8. DRINK water: Students are so deep in their preparation that they often forget to drink water. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses a day. If you find it cumbersome to get up for a glass every time, keep a bottle of water on your desk. Sip from time to time.


So the success mantra is Breathe,  Energise,  Relax,  Eat,  Sleep,  Talk, Entertainment and  Drink. Can you make up a word that fits the situation perfectly? Yes, it’s BE RESTED for the best performance.

All the best!


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