How can I improve my concentration in class?

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Some children get distracted very easily and this harms the process of learning as they cannot focus for long periods in class. Here are a few things that can be done to improve the child’s concentration-


1.      A good amount of sleep-

It is important for a student to get about nine hours of sleep everyday. Each student should have a fixed bedtime routine and adhere to it. Your brain cannot function well if you don’t rest it from time to time. In fact younger children can take a short nap in the afternoon to prevent feeling tired while studying.


2.      A healthy breakfast-

A nutritious meal in the morning hours gives you energy for the day. This perks you up and helps to maintain good focus in class. A healthy breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean a heavy breakfast. Two slices of bread with fruit and some fruit juice or a milk smoothie is good to keep you going. Do not skip breakfast even if you are not hungry. This will make you feel groggy and cranky later on in class.


3.      Take a front seat-

If you are the easily distracted kind then sit on one of the front seats. You may be tempted to sit with your buddies but this will hinder your concentration and you may end up chatting it them. If you feel disturbed by the constant banter of the child sitting next to you, speak to your teacher in private so that she can change your seat.


4.      Maintain eye contact with the teacher-

At all time during the lesson, try and maintain eye contact with your teacher. This helps to prevent your attention from wandering and also gives the impression that you are serious about the class. Stop your eyes from drifting to other unimportant things.


5.      Take notes-

As your teacher speaks recognise the key phrases and write points in your notebook. The teacher may mention terms like ‘important’, ‘main idea’, ‘learn for the test’ and so on. Writing notes enables you to do something while the teacher is speaking and prevents drifting of attention. But this doesn’t mean completing previous notes or doing your homework in class.


6.      Be a whole-hearted participant in discussions-

This will improve your focus and concentration besides giving a good impression to others. Answer questions and ask questions to keep the class interesting. Teachers like students to ask them questions and this shows that you are paying attention.

Improving your concentration in class will improve your grades too and your confidence levels will soar high. You will be a smarter and better person.

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