How Mothers Can Make Daughters Feel Comfortable About Their Looks?

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Many children, especially girls, pay immense importance to their outward appearance. This obsession sometimes exceeds limits and takes drastic turns. The leaning towards the changing fashion industry and the clamour of girls to look thin and pretty is reaching alarming proportions. Mothers have a big role to perform in making their daughters feel comfortable about their appearance.

A mother is a role model

The self image of a mother largely influences how a daughter feels about herself. The mother should begin with being comfortable about her looks first and then avoid criticising others on the basis of their appearance. Inclination towards health and fitness is to be encouraged but within limits. The same is true for exercise too. Feel good about yourself and encourage your daughter to do likewise.

Talk about it

Rather than evading the issue, talk about it with your daughter. Find out her misgivings and help her to overcome them. If it is about being overweight, you can encourage her to exercise or do yoga. In fact it is a good opportunity for bonding as well.

Emphasise on inner health and beauty

Make your child aware of the importance of being good rather than looking good. Doing good to others and being of a sunny disposition goes a long way in making a person seem beautiful. It is important to be strong from within.

Discourage vanity

Some children may be very vain about their ‘beauty’ and develop arrogance because of their looks. Without seeming to be too critical, try to tone down their impression about self.

Avoid negativism

One thing that all mothers should refrain from is making negative comments about the child’s appearance. Suppose you feel that your child is overweight, calling her ‘fat’ will compound the issue and make her more conscious. Instead talk to her and counsel her about fitness.

Harp on talents and not on beauty

Each child has talents, hidden or otherwise. Help to bring them out in the open. Praise her talents and show her that she is special. This will help to build her confidence and self esteem.

Once the focus from looks moves to other attributes like health and talents, mothers and daughters will feel more confident and enjoy the better part of life that actually counts.


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