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Communication is extremely important in all spheres of life. The way parents communicate with their children plays an important role in shaping the child’s life. It also creates the necessary bonding between the child and the parent. Although it may not be possible for a parent to play or talk to their child everyday owing to work pressure and other issues, a parent needs to always send out the message that ‘I am here for you and will always listen to you’.

It is very important that a parent should indulge in verbal communication with the child whenever the opportunity arises. Greet him/her in the morning and send him/her off to school on a positive note. Try not to say anything negative right in the morning as this can ruin your child’s day. Sometimes the child may be rude in the mornings due to lack of sleep, climatic conditions or forgotten school assignments. Do not retaliate by being rude yourself. Instead just remain calm and talk to him in the evening about how his rude behaviour affected your day.

When the child comes back home from school, she is full of incidents that happened in school. Do not shut her out by watching television or talking on the phone. Keep yourself free around the time she gets back home and give her your undivided attention. Let her talk and listen to what she has to say, however trivial. You will be able to know a lot about her day through her words and even the bits that she leaves unspoken. Also this will encourage her to tell you about any unpleasant part of the day. Do not admonish her when she is speaking as this will silence her. Hear her through and then give your opinion. Show that you are interested in listening to her day. It may be the same almost everyday but do not look or act bored.

Sometimes the child hesitates to speak and will not do so even after encouragement. For the time being let it go and talk about other things. Be patient and understanding in your attitude. If the child is quiet you talk. If a reasonably talkative child is suddenly quiet then you need to uncover the reason behind it. Do not let the child sulk and be quiet for a very long period. Take him out to the park or for shopping. This will change the atmosphere and when you are back he may be ready to talk to you.

Do not ask too many questions. Even you will not like a volley of questions to hit you the moment you step into your house. You can begin with your experience and then let the child join in. Talk about their favourite activities. Express interest without being intrusive. Do not criticise. Give your views after they have completed their point. Take a soft approach as being harsh will make the child tune you out.

Simply talk. Do not lecture, threaten, criticise or say hurtful things.

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