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“School is closed tomorrow due to heavy rains!”

Not a single child will be unhappy to hear the above line. But when it continues for a couple of days or more, they are itching to go to school.

School evokes mixed feelings in many of us. While majority of us do like to go to school and look forward to it, the morning rituals can dampen the joy of going to school to some extent. However, a little bit of planning and organisation can make the mornings easier.

Take a look at a few things that can get your morning going well without bogging you down.

1.       Uniform: A school uniform has a more relevant role than we think. Apart from establishing uniformity among the students and instilling a sense of discipline and belongingness, a uniform can actually help in boosting the morale of the children and make them more focussed in their studies.

a.       Keep your school uniform ready the night before. See that it is neat and clean

b.      Be sure to wear your uniform in a smart manner with tucked in shirts, pressed down collars and pants of correct length. Loose uniform will make you look sloppy so be sure to buy the right size

c.       Polish your shoes and keep a pair of clean socks alongwith your dress

d.      Keep accessories like belt and handkerchief alongwith the uniform

2.       School Bag: While buying a school bag be sure to give more importance to the size and the strength. An oversized one will be difficult to carry and an undersized one will force you to cram in your stuff. Opt for one which can hold your lunch box and has a pocket for a water bottle too. Some bags even have pouches for extra things like keys, cellotape, stapler, etc.

a.       Pack your bag before going to bed

b.      Take only the books that you need for that particular day

c.       Consult your time table to ensure that you do not leave out any book

d.      Make sure that the straps are tight and the bag is comfortable on your shoulders

3.      Getting ready for school

a.       Set your alarm 5 minutes early

b.      Wake up and wish your elders

c.       Go to the balcony and smell the flowers and take in the bracing morning breeze

d.      Have a good shower and get dressed for school

e.      Remember to eat breakfast in a relaxed manner

f.        Pack your lunch box and put it in your bag

g.       Carry spoons and napkins

h.      Never leave home without wishing your family goodbye

i.         Never be rude to people, especially early in the day as you will pass it on

The way you begin your morning determines the rest of the day. So preparing in advance prevents early morning rush and unnecessary ‘nerves on the edges’ situations. You are more relaxed and leave your home in a better frame of mind to face the day (and leave your parents also feeling happier and less hassled). With a refreshing sleep, a uniform that makes you look smart, and a well-packed bag, you are all set for school. Remember to spread smiles on the way and continue to do so throughout the day!





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