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Published Date: Sep 16, 2013


There are a number of practical measures which can be taken at the individual level to contribute to the protection of the ozone layer. We have to bear in mind simple rules before buying certain articles and take care of the ones we already have.

Every one should be responsible for the use and abuse of certain products that have a negative effect on nature.

There are many and simple ways in which we can save our ozone layer. With these simple rules we can create a chain of consciousness that will make manufactures stop creating non-environmentally friendly products.

Habits that will take care of the ozone layer

Let this well-known phrase “Any long trip begins with a first step” be part of our every day life.

·        Avoid buying and using aerosols and sprays that contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).

·        Avoid using fire extinguishers with halogenated hydrocarbon since it is a very aggressive substance for the ozone layer.

·        Avoid buying insulating material made of CFC. Instead you can use dark chipboard cork that performs the same function and does not contaminate the environment.

·        Maintain air-conditioning units because if they do not function properly, they emit CFC to the atmosphere.

·        Check the freezer and car air-conditioning. If they do not function properly, get them repaired because they may have leaks.

·        Opt to buy a refrigerator or an air-conditioning unit without CFC.

·        Report whether you know that products with bromomethane are used in some sown fields and crops because these substances are contaminating.

·        Other actions that help reduce air pollution

·        Reduce the use of your car and of other gadgets like compressors, lawn mowers, etc.

·        Arrange an itinerary to save time and money if you have to use your car.

·        Use alternative means of transport: buses, bicycles, or simply walk.

·        Reduce the use of heating and air-conditioning.

·        Buy energy saving gadgets and bulbs. You will reduce levels of pollution and money.




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