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Reading is a habit that is to be inculcated in children from the early years. Right from picture books to novel, your home should have a supportive atmosphere for reading. Since reading improves language skills while opening up a world of knowledge and imagination, it is important to read regularly. But first, you need to have a reader-friendly home. Now, what does that mean?

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·        A daily reading time when each and every member of the family reads is a better alternative to watching television. Fix a time in the evening when all of you can sit with your books and simply read in peace and quiet.

·        Create a reading nook so that the right ambience is created. You can have a den with chairs and book shelves and ample lighting to promote reading.

·        Keep a wide variety of books so that your child is encouraged to read more. Although you would like your child to read classics, do not push. The variety will provide books for every mood with option of both light and heavy reading.

·        Keep a few knowledge books like encyclopaedia, atlas, tell me why, dictionary and so on.

·        Try to limit ebooks and resort to paperback reading. But do not make severe rules as this might make your child a reluctant learner.

·        You can read together with the younger ones. Point out to pictures and say the names aloud so that they can relate the name to the picture. Early readers have been found to learn quickly even in later life.

·        Rewarding a child for completing a book may work for reluctant readers but don’t make a habit of it. The idea is to develop the child’s interest in reading and not to make it a chore.

Remember reading time is a happy time and should not be used as a means to discipline the children. It is a time to bond peacefully over books while reaping the rewards of reading.

So, is your home reader-friendly?

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