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Holidays and vacations are the much needed breaks that we all need from time to time. These breaks help us to recoup from the rigorous routine of working days while giving us ample opportunity to mingle with family and friends and catch up with our hobbies. Kids enjoy the first few days of their vacation, especially if there are festivals but later on the days begin to drag for them. Here are a few tried and tested ways to keep your child busy during the vacation.



Plant a garden together: Whether you live in an apartment or a bungalow, it is always possible to have your own garden. First plan along with your kids what your garden is going to be like. This would include number of pots to keep, types of plants to buy and of course regular maintenance. Allocate duties to all members of the house. Then go as a family and choose the desired plants from a good nursery. Be realistic in your expectations and choose plants that require little maintenance. Be sure to pick out a few flowering plants as well to lend brightness and colours to your garden. A garden is a sure shot mood lifter and will keep your child busy. Encourage him/her to look up tips on gardening on the internet too.

2.      Create an aquarium: Not all of us can keep dogs and cats as pets. An aquarium is a good way to keep pets at home and reap the benefits too. Apart from being instant stress buster, this will enable your child to be more responsible. Remember to make it a family affair by allocating duties to each and every member of the household. Read books and research on the internet about ‘how to keep an aquarium’ and then go out and buy the necessary items. The initial articles may require some amount of spending but after that you simply need to feed the fish and clean the aquarium.

3.      Enrol your child for hobby classes: The break is a good time for pursuing hobbies which a packed school schedule doesn’t allow. Find out in advance about the hobby classes that are available and go with your child’s interests. Let your child pursue hobbies that he or she enjoys.

4.      Reading books: Encourage your child to catch up on good reading. Pick out books in advance either from the library or from book shops. Enforce a reading time when all members of the family read. Reading comes with a host of benefits and is a good way to pass the time.

5.      Restrict time spent on digital media and gadgets: Nowadays if one is not too careful, children tend to spend most of their time watching television or playing games on the computer or mobile. While there is no real harm, the time spent on digital media should be controlled to a couple of hours or so everyday. Watching good classic movies is a good idea and can be part of the daily routine during holidays.

6.      Take a break: It is a good idea to leave the confines of the home and go out as a family. The outing can be spread over a few days to a holiday spot or it could even be just for a day to a nearby place. This helps to forget the daily household chores and distractions. The enjoyment is free from worries of the household and the entire family enjoys as a unit.


Vacations can be fun if planned out in advance. Make sure that you leave enough time for fun and quality family time. Also do not overcram the days with activities that are draining and leave the kids feeling tired rather than refreshed.

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