Asking For The Moon And Getting It Too!

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Asking For The Moon And Getting It Too!

Published Date: Mar 06, 2013


Asking for the moon and getting it too.

The other day at the supermarket I saw a sight that has become quite common nowadays. A mother was struggling with her overloaded trolley while her small son was prostrate on the ground, wailing out loudly for a toy car that was on display. The scene went on for about 5-7 minutes with the bawling growing louder and the mother’s admonishing getting weaker by the minute. What do you think happened next? The mother grabbed the toy and put it on her stuff in the trolley and took the child’s hand and walked to the billing counter. Peace reigned but at what cost?!

Often parents give in to childhood tantrums and do not realize the deeper pit that they are helping to dig. After all where does it all end? Children know from a very early age what works and doesn’t work with their parents. They know the control knobs and use them to their advantage. All parents love their children but buying each and everything that they ask for is not wise. This is a mark of giving in and not a display of love.

As parents we know that we all have grown up with a few hitches and this has helped to bring out the best in us. Making things easy for your child is not going to make things easy in later life. What begins with a toy car may end with a real one at a premature age which he or she rams into another leading to a fatal accident. And all because the mother does not know when to say ‘No’.

Asking for the moon and getting it too.

It is not wrong to give your child articles or toys but giving in to tantrums and demands sends out a wrong message. Be firm in your refusal and do not bow down. The child will soon realize that he or she cannot have everything he or she demands. This is a vicious cycle that needs to stop early or it will become uncontrollable at a later stage.

Anticipation makes each and every wait worthwhile. Similarly if your child wants something, let him or her wait patiently. Only then the article will be appreciated and used with care. If you give him or her everything all at once, the value is lost.

Interestingly I met the same mother and son duo the other day at the park. The mother was talking incessantly to a friend while ignoring the child and his activities. Often the child would call out to the mother to look at him and his achievement at the play equipment. But the mother was so engrossed in her conversation that she did not even look around. I guess nobody told the mother that her love and attention would have been worth much more than the toy car which I am sure has gone out with the garbage by now.

Give time, give love…

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