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When the temperature drops it leaves us feeling low as family members, especially children, are down with cold or fever. Although the winter cool is a refreshing change from the hot and dry summers, it is dampened by health issues. Here are a few tips to safeguard your child (and yourself) and keep up the happiness quotient in the winter months.

  1. Lotions and sunscreens- Now is the time when the baby skin of your child can get really dry. Remember to rub oils and moisturising lotions while giving a bath to the younger kids. Advice the older ones to use a moisturiser. Many of us put our sunscreens inside during the cool months but the sun is at its peak now and the harmful ultraviolet rays can harm your child’s skin. For very dry skin, you need to use a medicated lotion under the guidance of a physician.
  2. Keep snug but not too much- Winter is a time when you should dress up your children in smart woollen clothes. But be sure that the clothes are not too tight that they restrict movement. This should be followed for footwear too. Avoid caps and mufflers unless there is a cold breeze blowing. When the days get cooler it is better to dress up your kid (and yourself) in layers of clothing. Opt for woollen clothing but wear cotton inside. Keep scarves and gloves handy to use when required.
  3. Be choosy about food- This is the season which whets the appetite and children as well as adults are eveready for snacks and tea or coffee. Ensure that you and your children eat a proper well-balanced diet which consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C helps to build immunity during the changing weather days so consume fruits and juices that are rich in these vitamins such as citrus fruits. A multivitamin supplement may be recommended if your child is a poor eater.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids- Keep your children hydrated by giving them plenty of fluids like hot milk, hot chocolate and juices. Also ensure that they drink enough water throughout the day. During winters children feel less thirsty as perspiration is less so they tend to drink very less water. Keep a bottle handy so that they can sip from time to time.
  5. Make your home warm enough- Make sure that your home is warm enough but not suffocatingly so. On very cold days you can switch on a heater to warm up the air in the room preferably not to be kept on while you are sleeping. And do keep windows open during the day to let in fresh air and sunlight. During nights a hot water bag and thick blankets or quilts would be ideal for little feet to warm up.

Winter days bring relief from the hot summers and needs to be enjoyed without falling ill. A few precautions and good diet will keep you and your family healthy and happy.

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