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Brave New World

Most of us have heard about inventors like Graham Bell  and Thomas Alva Edison, but here are some  little known heroes of technology ……

Marty cooper

Mobile phone

It is Marty Cooper who invented the first mobile phone and made our lives so easy. In 1973, while working at Motorola, lead engineer Marty Cooper introduced the world to mobile phone. Cooper is said to have made the world’s first ever mobile phone call on April3, 1973 to a rival engineer at AT & T’s Bell Labs.

Mike Lazaridis


Turkey-born Mike Lazaridis is the founder and co-CEO of Canada based Blackberry smart phone maker Research In Motion (RIM). The creator of Blackberry  handheld devices, Lazaridis put the wireless email on the map with the Black Berry in 1999.

Tony Fadell


In the nineties Tony Fadell envisioned the idea of building a compact digital music player. Apple lapped it up and gave the world i-Pod. In 2001, the first i-Pod was released  and came with a 5GB Toshiba hard drive, ARM processors, an operating system from Pixo, a lithium polymer battery for added battery life.

Jack Nilles


Jack  Nilles coined the term ‘telecommuting ‘and ‘telework’ in the early 1930s while working at the University of Southern California. During this time Nilles was working on projects aimed at eliminating rush hour drives by letting employees work closer to home – or at home.

Doug Engelbart


Doug Engelbart is the inventor of computer mouse, the small device that changed the way computers  work. In 1964, the first prototype computer mouse was made to use with a graphical user interface (GUI), ‘windows’. Engelbart received a patent for the wooden shell with two metal wheels in 1970.

Gary Thuerk


Wonder who started the spam that perennially clogs your inbox? Gary Thuerk, is widely considered as the world’s first email spammer. In 1978, Thuerk, a marketing manager for Digital Equipment Corp, sent out the first spam over the network of government and university. computers known as the ARPAnet.

John Cioffi


John Cioffi gave the world internet broadband. Widely regarded as the father of DSL, he has published over 400 papers and holds over 100 patents. His interest in DSL began in 1979, and he explored the field at Stanford and then at Amati Communications Corp, a San Jose company that specialized in digital modern technology.

James Gosling


James Gosling is the father of the popular programming language Java. A PhD in computer Science, Gosling created the original design of Java in 1991 while working Sun Micro system. The language was originally named Oak and was developed as a part of the Green Project at Sun.

John Backus


John Backus is the inventor of the world’s first widely used high level computer programming language, FORTRAN. The development of FORTRAN programming language in the 1950s changed the way how people interact with computers and paved the way for modern software.

SOURCE : Times of India

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