Sports Reservation Policy

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Sports Reservation Policy

Management will give priority admission to students who are state level champions or above for select sports only. Selected sports are: (new sports will be added time to time)
a. Swimming
b. Tennis
c. Football
d. Chess
e. Badminton
f. Cricket
g. Table Tennis
h. Volleyball
i. Hockey
j. Skating
k. Cycling
l. Kabaddi

  1. There will be waiver of admission fees and annual fees based on financial ability of parents and achievements of students at the sole discretion of management.
  2. A maximum of 5 admissions every year in various standards as per requirement under sports quota will be done.
  3. Qualification for this quota will be as per selection committee and advice will be taken from Sports Authority of Gujarat.
  4. The school will provide leniency in attendance and examination as much possible within CBSE rules* for students to attend various trainings and tournaments.
  5. School will provide sessions with empanelled doctors / nutritionists / counsellors / mentors/ coaches free of cost to aspirants.
  6. Special classes, including personal coaching, will be arranged at the school for such students in case they miss regular school.
  7. Past students of Udgam School who have been champions will guide new aspirants.
  8. Achievements of students will be put on school website, magazine, Facebook page and given to media for publicity.
  9. Soft skill training, personality development and public speaking will be conducted keeping in mind the special requirements of these champions.
  10. Colleges with sports quotas will be given detailed recommendation, so further admission in various graduation courses is easy for students.
  11. In case the students require school infrastructure for practice, it will be given if it is vacant.

Our pointwise selection criteria is given below:

SI. No. Tournaments First Position Second Position Third Position Participation
(Points) (Points) (Points) (points)
1 Senior/Junior International Competitions 100 90 80 70
2 Senior/ Junior National Competitions 60 55 50 45
3 School Nationals (including ICSE, CBSE, IB,GHSEB) 40 35 30 25
4 Senior/Junior State Championship (Inter District) 20 15 10 5

* In respect of students participating in Sports at National/International level, exemption from appearing in any one of the Summative Assessments may be granted, provided the student will be participating in sports at national/international level organised by recognised federations/CBSE/SGFI and being held during the Month of conduct of summative Assessment (vide CBSE circular)

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