Don’t Complain, Instead be Grateful A Workshop for Teachers

It’s quite common among children to complain to their teachers and elders about others. However, if complaining becomes a habit, it needs to be curbed in a tactful manner. So, before handling the young ones, first of all, the adults need to sort themselves and ensure that they don’t get into the complaining mode. On Saturday, a workshop was organized for the teachers of Primary section and was attended by Ms. Meetika Sharma, VP Primary section. The session was conducted by Ms. Vidhi Bose, V.P. Special educator, on ‘ Dealing with the habit Complaining’, in which she discussed the key reasons why one develops this habit. This habit is toxic and detrimental that can affect one’s mood and hamper him/her personally as well as professionally. She suggested that by developing a deep sense of gratitude, one can successfully combat the tendency to complain. In the workshop, the teachers were suggested an interesting activity which can be practiced with the students as well- maintaining a ‘gratitude jar’. They have to write one good thing that they are thankful for and store it inside the jar. This was an interesting session and when our educators implement these tactics in the classroom as well, they will only foster a positive environment for learning.