Once more we have hit the buzzer of success. We had organised a small event called “QUIZ BUSTERS” for kids of grade 1. It was really a proud moment for all of us when we saw our kids playing “QUIZ”.

The topics selected for the quiz were discussed for two months. The kids were shown videos, pictures, map and short episodes of quiz as different modes of learning and gaining knowledge. All the kids actively participated in all the sessions . Amazingly, it was a two-way learning process with fun.

For the kids it was an impromptu activity. The kids enthusiastically gave answers in each of the rounds. There were total five rounds. We had Innings round, rapid fire round, spot the place round, audio and video round and finally buzzer round. We were pleased to see the kids spotting the places of India. The kids in audience too gave answers with roar of excitement.  All of us present thoroughly enjoyed the event “Quiz Busters”. At the end, the winners and all the participants were felicitated with certificates by our respected Vice Principal Meetika Mam. We had also called upon our counsellor Ms Vidhi Bose and Librarian Ms Rinki Jaswani as our guests. We have also awarded all the kids with certificates of different levels. Our motto being, to encourage and motivate all the kids. Such activity not only boosts their confidence but also expands their knowledge of things, either general or in specific area. Quizzing also aids in language development and team building process.

The activity doesn’t end here. One should keep in mind that current affairs broaden our sense of perceiving the outer world and change our outlook of understanding things. Due to technological advancements, the information is available in many forms like newspapers, internet, radio and television. Accessibility to information is easy and quick. We should all try to keep ourselves constantly updated and thereby support our kids in gathering more information. Let us keep encouraging our kids to look beyond their textual knowledge. As said earlier, we always appreciate the support given by you as parents. Thank you for being wonderful parents. Would be looking forward for your co-operation in the activity coming up next!!