Monthly Archives: February 2012

Music Event at Jodhpur Branch

Jodhpur branch of Udgam School witnessed a wonderful musical performance on Thursday morning. Grammy Award Winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt played on Mohan Veena along with Prithviraj Mishra on tabla. The mesmerizing music had the kids singing and clapping along with them.

Poetry Recitation Competition

An Inter-school poetry Recitation Competition named ‘Footprints on the Sands of Time’ was held on 17th Feb. 2012. 16 schools participated in this competition. The following students participated from this school:

Aastha Pathak Std. III
Aadit Kanuga Std. IV
Aatman Vakil Std. V
Sanjana Mukherjee Std. VII

Students of Std. V and VII recited self-composed poems, while the other two recited poems of well-known poets. Collectively, these students won the third prize for the school.

Salad-Dressing Competition

A salad-dressing competition was held for the girls of Std. IX. Girls were divided into groups and all of them made delicious salads, decorating them beautifully. The competition did not matter. All are winners and all enjoyed the experience.

Boys showed their skills at cutting vegetables and arranging them decoratively for the salad-dressing competition. The healthy and delicious salads were served enthusiastically to their classmates and teachers by the boys. They left one and all asking for more!!!

All India Camel Colour Contest 2011

3 of our students secured places at the regional and national level in the ALL INDIA CAMEL COLOUR CONTEST 2011.

Anushka Chauhan of Jr. K.G. won appreciation at the regional level.

Dhyan Shah of Jr. K.G. secured the Third position at the national level.

Ratnam Shah of Std. VIII secured the First position at the regional level.

Krishna Heritage Fest 2012

Akshay Patra Foundation and Hare Krishna Movement Ahmedabad organized the Krishna Heritage Fest 2012 on Sunday 29th of Jan. 2012. Inter-school competitions were conducted.

In Vedic Quiz, both the Udgam teams reached the finals. Khwahish Sethia and Dhwani Motwani of Std. VII secured the first place and Bhakti Shah and Riya Uppal of
Std. VIII secured the second place.

In Sloka Recitation, Dhagash Shah of Std. VIII secured the first prize.


The Election Commission of India has decided to celebrate 25th Jan. 2012 as Voters’ Day. For this they organized a YOUNG VOTERS FESTIVAL for which various competitions were announced. Students of Std. XI participated in original poster-making and composing jingles. Both posters and jingles were made in school. Students wrote the lyrics for the jingles and also set them to tune and then recorded in a studio. The participants are:

Posters have been made by:

1) Eshika Soni
2) Riddhesh Nadkarni
3) Kratisha Agarwal

Jingles have been composed by 3 groups:


1) Jatin Sadhwani
2) Nishant Katrat
3) Jyotir Chebrolu
4) Keshav Gupta


1) Dhwanil Shah
2) Niket Gujarati
3) Shashwat Jha
4) Umang Agrawal


1) Mihir Joshi
2) Rushi Bhimani
3) Niral Barot
4) Jay Patel

Inter-School Quiz

An Inter-School G.K. Quiz was held in Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya on 21st Jan. 2012. 8 teams participated in it. Mihir Joshi, Vichar Shroff and Aditya Patel of Std. XI represented Udgam School. they won the first prize and were awarded a gold medal and a certificate each.


TECHFEST is an annual event in IIT, Mumbai. Teams from school and colleges participate in the event showcasing their talent and skill of innovation. Balraj Shukla, Devaj Parikh, Ansh Shah and Dharmil Shah of Std. XI (Science) participated in the TECHFEST 2012 earlier this month. They made the model ofma bridge out of ice-cream sticks, toothpicks, 1mm. thread and white glue. It is a suspension bridge made according to the dimensions given by the organizers. The bridge sustains a mass of 22.5 kg. The event was a wonderful experience for them.