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Maana’s Achievement


Maana Rajiv Patel of Std. VIII won CBSE National School Games Championship title at Pune 6th to 9th November.

She won 4 gold medals with 2 new records at national level and declared as a Individual Champion (under 14 Girls).  Her outstanding feats are as follows:

50mt free style Gold medal with the time 00:29:51sec
50mt back stroke Gold medal time 00:32:47sec New Record
100mt free style Gold medal time 01:04:51sec
100mt back stroke Gold medal time 01:11:51sec New Record




Along with the help of teachers, students of Sr. Kg made a beautiful flower rangoli on last day of their school i.e. 6th November,2012, in wake of upcoming Diwali Festival. Students were acquainted with the importance of preparing rangoli during Diwali. Children enjoyed the activity along with knowing its importance.