Monthly Archives: July 2013

Activity on Components of Food

Class 6 students had a class activity on ‘Components of Food’. They presented and described different food items, the ingredients, components and also the nutritive value of particular food items.

The activity helped the students to get a hands on experience of the kitchen in their class and also imbibed the importance of a ‘balanced diet’.


An Activity on Speaking Skills in Hindi was conducted in Class IX D.

The students were asked to converse on two recent topics – 1. Uttarakhand ki Tabaahi  and 2. Telegraph Service Tujhe Salaam

The enlightening conversation which had students role playing, debating and sharing matured (and a few innocent views) was worth listening to indeed.

This helped to hone their speaking skills in Hindi while sharpening their knowledge about the latest issues.

New Computer Lab

One more feather was added to the techno savvy  hat of USFC. Today a new Hi-Tech computer Lab was started.

The Lab has the capacity of 40 students. It is spacious as the computers installed are “All In One Desktops”, which makes the lab welcoming and accommodating. 

This initiative will help foster the teaching – learning of Computer as a subject and necessity in today’s fast moving world.

SOF Awards

Udgam School has been consistently conducting  the Olympiad Exams in the school for Cyber, Science, Mathematics and English since years.

During the last academic year also the same were held through out the year witnessing overwhelming participation and excellent performances from the students. 

As Shantanu Patel of class 11 stood 1st in 6th IMO, he received a gold medal and a cheque of Rs. 5000/- for his outstanding performance.

Shanay Shah of class 4 received a silver medal for acquiring 2nd position in 3rd IEO.

All the above students received a certificate, a DVD of Encyclopedia and yearly subscription of BBC knowledge magazine.

In 6th IMO in the year 2012-13, 765 students participated and performed well, so Mrs. Dhanya Ramachandran being the IMO coordinator of the school received a certificate, a trophy, cheque of Rs.5000/- , a DVD of Encyclopedia and subscription of BBC knowledge magazine.


A quiz was organised by Derek O’ Brien’s group in school today. The students of Classes 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th participated in this quiz programme. There were 4 teams comprising.

The quiz was held in 5 rounds – Life Skills, Direct Questions, Visual, Memory and Rapid Fire.

The questions were varied and tested the application of logic, common sense, knowledge, memory and mental agility.

Team A emerged as the winners in a competition that was interesting and nail-biting till the end.

Even the audience had a fair share of questions which they answered enthusiastically. 

Natural Artist

Udgam School for Children not only itself believes in saving environment in all possible ways but  also successfully inculcates the same in their kids, here is an example:

Radhika Kotak of class 9 A made “Patachitras” painted directly with natural colours attending a workshop at an Art Centre.

These are made directly with natural colours without any preliminarily using pencil or drawing. They have to be completed in one go.

The natural colours are extracted from leaves, flowers etc…

An innovative way of being eco friendly and making wonderful paintings. 


Planting of trees for a greener environment is inculcated among the students in Udgam from an early age.

Every year Udgamites plant saplings during the month of July in wake of keeping school green and fresh. This year focus  was on planting saplings carrying medicinal value, so the school procured  40 saplings from an NGO.

The students planted a sapling each, on the school grounds, and pledge to take care of it.

The saplings of Tulsi, Neem, Mango, Jamun, Sal wood, Indian Borage etc were planted enthusiastically by the children.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience which also included encounter with earthworms.

Apurv Kharidia Memorial Prize

Apurv Kharidia, a bright and enthusiastic boy, was an Udgamite in the true sense. He was an enterprising student and had great plans for the future, which were shared by his doting parents. But fate intervened in the form of cancer and on 7th July 1997, Apurv succumbed to the disease after a long struggle. He was in Class 12 Commerce at that time. The family’s tragedy was further prolonged when his mother passed away after a few days.

 In his memory his family instituted the Apurv Kharidia Memorial Prize which is given to the Class 12 Commerce topper every year on Apurv’s death anniversary. Since 7th July is a Sunday this year, the prize was given on, 5th July 2013, by his father Mr. Vinod Kharidia to Dhruvi Shah, the school topper in Class 12 Commerce of year 2012-2013.