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Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great enthusiasm by all sections in our school.

Various activities were arranged to commemorate the day to celebrate our National Language.


Primary Section:

Primary students decorated their boards and had programs with inspirational speeches in Hindi.

Middle Section:

In Middle School students of Class 6 were given projects on Hindi poets and writers, riddles, importance of Hindi language.

Class 7 students performed a play ‘Subhagi’ by Munshi Premchand which emphasises on the rights and importance of a girl child. The script  and dialogues as small relevant poems were written by children themselves. They dressed up as per the characters and performed it front  of their classmates and junior classes.

Students of Class 8 had Advertisement  Making activity. Children were given topics beforehand like ‘Jago Grahak jago’, Literacy Campaign, Road Safety. They made posters for the same too.

Secondary Section:

Secondary Section had Poem Recitation and Debate Competition for the students. It was a very enjoyable event where each and every word was spoken in Hindi and the participants were very eloquent. What added more emotion to the event was the poems were self-composed by the participants. Titles like ‘Bharat ki shaan Hindi’, ‘Karam karo badlo zamaana’, ‘Beti Bachao’ and ‘Ma’ were heart wrenching.

The audience had a thrilling time too as there were plenty of questions for them, including tongue twisters in Hindi. They also decorated their soft boards with charts on noted Hindi writers and poets. 


Today was a special day for teachers and staff at Udgam School. It was a day of fun and relaxation for all.

Teachers of all classes participated in a variety program that consisted of Nukkad Nataks based on social issues.

This was followed by games which brought out the child in everyone.

Over lunch the teachers exchanged views and spent time in socialising.


The first Vice President of India and the second President of India, Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was born in a poor Brahmin family of South India on 5th September 1888. His father earned very less income and had to take care of a big family. Though his father wanted him to become a priest and not join school and learn English, Radhakirshnan was finally sent to school of the local area itself.

Radhakrishnan was a brilliant student from the very start and most of his studies were covered through scholarships. At the age of 17, he joined the Madras Christian College and attained his bachelors and masters in the field of philosophy. The 21-year-old Radhakrishnan, after graduating with good marks from the Madras University, got selected as an Assistant Lecturer at the Madras Presidency College and chose to work there.

On a mere salary of just Rs.17 per month, Radhakrishnan faced hardships in managing a house of around 8 people. With time, his hard work, intelligence and wonderful and famous ways of teaching lessons paid him back and he was chosen as the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University when he was around 40 years of age. After 3 years, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University. He actively participated in the protests when the Banaras Hindu University was fighting against getting shut. He rapidly got renowned amongst the British Bureaucrats as well the then Indian leaders.

The Bharat Ratna Awardee (1954), held the position of the Vice President of India from May 1952 to May 1962. He was then made the President of India from May 1962 to May 1967. At the age of 86, he peacefully died on 19 April 1975.
On the birth occasion of Dr. Radhakrishnan, the 5th of September, in fond remembrance of the great teacher, India celebrates its Teacher's Day where students across the country participate in certain programs prepared exclusively for their teachers. Students make their teachers feel special in the form of flowers and hand made cards too.