Monthly Archives: October 2013

Health Check Up for KG children

Fit and fine is the main ‘mantra’ for everyday life, be it for adults or tiny tots.

A general health check up was conducted for the students of the KG section to ascertain their well being.

As health is a very important factor it should be maintained by eating wholesome nutritious foods and daily exercise.

This needs to be nurtured at home as well as in school.

We request all parents to ensure that your child is on the right track to good health.



We wish to thank all parents and students who contributed in the Akshay Patra Dal by Dal initiative and sent Toor Dal.

Today we sent over 1000 Kg of Toor Dal to the Akshay Patra Foundation.

To continue the Joy of Giving process, Udgam School donated library books to Blind School which they will use for making Braille books.

We also donated items related to hygiene to the Blind School. 


ISKCON organised a Gita Champions League (GCL) for students from Class 5 – 12, parents and teachers.

The motive was to create and test awareness about the Bhagavad Gita.

From Udgam School, 145 participants registered for the exam.

Our students were awarded prizes for their knowledge of the revered book.

Also 6 teachers got consolation prizes for scoring more than 80/100.

It gives us immense pleasure to declare that out of the students of the 10 schools which participated, Udgam had the maximum winners.

Similarly in General Category there were 10 consolation prizes and 6 were won by our teachers.

Please refer to the table for details of the winners.

Cleanliness Drive

Udgam School for Children believes in inculcating moral values and sensitizing students towards society and moulding them in to future responsible citizens.

Keeping this in mind, a cleanliness drive was organized.   Students of class 9 participated enthusiastically in this ‘Community Service.’

The boys and girls of school pulled up their sleeves and went out armed with brooms provided by AMC. They cleaned two lanes adjacent to the  school.  In the process, they were also sensitized about clean surrounding.

With this activity school and students were able to pass the message of ‘Clean Ahmedabad’ to one and all.  

Drawing Competition

A drawing competition was held in the month of August for class KG- 10. All the students took part enthusiastically. There were 5 groups. Group A consisted of Jr. K.G and Sr. KG. Group B had class 1 & 2. Class 3 & 4 were in group C. Group D had students from class 5, 6 & 7. And finally class 8, 9 & 10 was in group E. Best 3 entries from each group were given prizes, certificates and badges.