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Appreciation for Udgam School

Recently a blood donation camp was held at our school premises. The organisers Prathma held such camps in several places among which our school collected the highest number of units.
As a token of appreciation Udgam School was awarded a trophy and a certificate for the support.

Charity begins at home and this spirit was rightly expressed by our Executive Director Mr. Manan Choksi who was among the blood donors. 
Appreciation certificates were also given to school staff Mrs. Jaksha Dikshit and Mrs. Sejal Mehta for their whole-hearted support.

We would like to thank all those who were associated with the event especially the donors.


The students of Class X got an opportunity to visit one of the landmarks of the city of Ahmedabad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum , as a part of their Social Science project.
Stepping into the cool confines of the museum, the students were struck by the grandeur and magnificence of the building. The museum, also known as Moti Shah Mahal ,was built by Shah Jahan in1622 . It was later renovated and given the face of a museum which was inaugurated by our learned Ex Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on the 29th of Oct., 2013.
The museum is a state of art and technology. The students were enamoured by the visuals and detailed description of the story of the Iron Man of India -Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. His pivotal role in the freedom struggle of the country and his undying efforts in unifying his motherland is showcased beautifully in the museum with meticulous details. The murals, the various portraits , the information of his family members, his close associates etc. provided rich material and deep insight to the students for their presentation.
The museum also houses the rich and rare collection of the personal belongings of Sardar Patel. The valuable gifts received by him, with an estimated worth of Rs 400 chores, made one student immediately question,'Was our country really so rich?' Miniatures of Patel's residence, his school, the jail and other places associated with his life are also a part of the museum. 
Along with history, students added to their knowledge of literature when they came to know about the great poet Tagore's stay in the building when he was 17 years old and that it served as an inspiration to his story 'The Hungry Stones', came as a surprise to many.
The multimedia interactive displays and the film on the intense role Patel played in India’s struggle for freedom, his charitable disposition, his close association with the Father of the Nation, his strong decisions during his tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister of free India -all made the students realise the innate qualities of the Bismark of our country. Really it was an immensely enriching experience for the students. When they came back to school, their faces beamed with satiation and satisfaction.

Seminar on Law Awareness

A seminar on law awareness was held for the students of Class XI. The students were told about the little known legal aid that is available for the weaker section of the society. Various issues pertaining to lack of awareness in the common people about the available resources and laws to provide them with the basic amenities like healthcare were discussed with real life examples. The aim of the seminar was to familiarise the students about the various aspects of law and motivate them to spread awareness among the deprived section of the society. Law as a career was also discussed and the students were counselled about the different law colleges and types of legal careers.

Sanskrit Day Celebration

The  Sanskrit Day was celebrated by the students of Std. 6, 7, 8 & 9 on August 8, 2014. The students enjoyed the shloka chanting competition, a quiz and a word game. They also shared their views on the importance of the language and how it can become a means of communication even in modern times. 

The winners of the shloka chanting competition were:

Junior Category : Std 6 & 7:

1st prize – Harshal J Oza & Garvita C Bhatt – std 7

2nd prize – Maharsh A Shah – std 6

3rd prize – Suvrat A Golchha – std 7


Senior Category: Std 8 & 9

1st prize – Ayushi S Menon – std 8

2 nd prize – Dhanika A Vyas – std 9

3rd prize – Hitarth J Sajwani – std 9


An Interclass debate competition was conducted on 7th August 7, 2014. Students were selected on the basis of preliminary rounds. 12 finalists were selected. The topics were:


Boys: Planning for the future is better than living for the moment

Girls: Intelligence depends upon environmental factors not genetic factors


Students spoke in favour and against the motion. Students exhibited their oratory and thinking skills and of course their stage presentation was commendable. The students deserved a pat on their back for the variety of thoughts and vocabulary they expressed. They represented a generation that has wide exposure.

Playgroup visits SUNDERVAN

Udgam School has started Playgroup from this year  and the kids are having fun-filled days.

Their maiden trip  was a  visit to  Sundervan with their friends and  teachers.

They chattered all  the  way while enjoying the scenery outside.

True to its name Sundervan is  a beautiful place, a haven after the hustle  and bustle of city life.

The little ones loved the  greenery and were  awestruck to see the ducks regally swimming in the  pond.

They played  and had plenty of fun and came  back with  tales galore.