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Swachh Udgam Abhiyan

One of the tenets, among many, that our Father of the Nation strongly believed in was ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Paying homage to this tenet CBSE has launched a Clean India Campaign which Udgam School has implemented in a major way. Of course hygiene and sanitation has always been given prime importance here earning us the title of ‘Cleanest School’ by the media. But we strongly believe that improvement is possible in each and every sphere. We support the motto of ‘catch them young’ when it comes to inculcating good habits as these will remain even when the kids grow up.


In keeping with the directive, we began the campaign from 25th September and although Ministry of Human Resources has specified that this campaign needs to go on until end of October, for us here at Udgam it is a never-ending drive to encompass months and years to come.


Various activities are being held in different sections of the school to spread the awareness of the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. The junior classes took a pledge on cleanliness which has been followed up by daily teacher-student interaction. The children ensured that the classrooms remained clean reprimanding their classmates who did not conform to the cleanliness of the class and corridors. Competitions were held to make the drive exciting and the rally slogans are sure to reverberate long after the period. Teachers also conducted surprise checks in classes for cleanliness and followed this with appreciation and recognition.


In the middle and higher classes students staged a skit to bring out the essence of being clean. There were also talks and group presentations by the students to reiterate the value of ‘Swachh’. In addition these students ensured that they had clean classrooms and corridors refraining from any such acts like ‘dropping paper or food’ on the floor. Regular supervision by teachers and heads has ensured that the drive is going on very successfully at Udgam School.



Non-Violence is the key to uphold civilisation

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Gandhiji, the doyen of non-violence, an elocution event was conducted for the students of senior school. The students spoke eloquently on the topic ‘Global Violence: Are we civilised or not?’ This generation has come across global violence in a major way and they realise the need for non-violence now more than ever before. After all we followed the great leader and won freedom 68 years ago supporting fearlessly his tenet of ‘non-violence’. Basically, the fight against global violence is not more violence but by stopping further heinous acts through treaties, rules and awareness. Most of the speakers spoke forthrightly about the drawbacks of violence and the need for implementing World Peace. The young minds are the best judge as they have learnt from examples and experiences taken from the past. The young speakers have left many questions unanswered though which the doyens of world peace need to listen to and respond.