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Grandparents are special to every child and they share a special bond.
The little cherubs of our Nursery celebrated Grandparents Day. Tiny tots were dressed up in colourful dresses. They were all very excited to perform for their grandparents and the show was excellent. Needless to say, the Grandparents were very happy and overwhelmed to see their grandchildren performing for them. A beautiful day indeed!


“Don’t allow the perception of others to become your reality”. 
A session of inspiring talk by Wing Commander Rajneesh Lakhanpal was arranged for the students of Class IX in the school auditorium. Wg Com Lakhanpal began by explaining to the students about our fundamental duties in life and towards our country along with the relevance of the Preamble. He recounted simple anecdotes about great men who have left their impression behind in the form of huge achievements. This included people from all wakes of life like scientists, artists, sportsmen and even business magnates. The stories about people who faced opposition and made it big amidst much struggle enthralled the children. He spoke about the need to wonder, think and radiate by asking them a few simple questions. He spoke about the fact that each one of us is an infinite storehouse of energy and stressed on the importance of self reliance. The above quote by him and his inspirational talk has surely motivated our students to go on a soul searching spree. The talk was followed by a question hour session.


Skating is a part of the regular school curriculum at Udgam School. Besides being an engaging activity, it teaches the child perfect coordination of movements and balance. 
Roller Skating is ideally learnt at a tender age and hence it is a part of the regular school in the lower classes.
The students of Class IV had a Skating session in which they presented stunts on skates and hula hoops. The show was enthralling and the little children surpassed their teacher’s expectations.

Republic Day Celebrations at Udgam School

India’s 66th Republic Day was celebrated today with great reverence in our school. 
The day began with a prayer followed by flag hoisting by the Guest of Honour, Retired Wing Commander Rajneesh Lakhanpal, who attended the session with Mrs. Lakhanpal. A commissioned officer of Indian Air Force, he has had the privilege of serving in several senior level appointments in the operations and administrative branches, during a service tenure of over 24 years. This was accompanied by the Flag Song, our national anthem and the pledge. The Guest of Honour spoke eloquently about our diverse nation and the relevance of the Constitution and the Preamble. He enthralled the audience with inspirational stories and reiterated the need for being resolute in our path to achieve our goals. 
This was followed by other speeches in Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit and patriotic poems. The cultural programme included Bangla patriotic song, skit, patriotic mix and orchestra. The danceform of Jhansiwali Rani alongwith awe-inspiring rendition of the same by the students made all bow in allegiance to the brave freedom fighters who laid their lives for the motherland. Finally all assembled bowed to the strains of our national song, Vande Mataram, a perfect tribute to our motherland. Today we are proud of our nation’s achievements and look ahead to a bright future for our country India which has flourished despite adversities to rise victorious.
Hail India! Hail our motherland! Jai Hind!