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This year 7 students became the State/Zonal toppers and bagged Gold Medals of Excellence in 15th   SOF National Cyber Olympiad.

They were conferred with medals and certificates.

6 Aditya Gupta 1 5
8 Vedaant Mahapatra 1 18
11 Arnav Buch 1 8
11 Divyansh Badonia 2 14
11 Jaidev Shah 3 17
12 Maitrey Prajapati 1 5
12 Jaymin Shah 2 21


Here are the class toppers of the 15th  SOF National Cyber Olympiad. Following is the list of students who bagged medals for their outstanding performance in NCO at school level:


6 Devansh Shah 2 Gold
6 Pratham Bhagat 3 Silver
6 Manit Shah 4 Bronze
7 Dwija Kakkad 1 Gold
7 Kishan Jani 2 Silver
7 Shanay Shah 3 Bronze
8 Pratik Kelkar 2 Gold
8 Mohal Rajyaguru 3 Silver
8 Satya Aditya Chittavarjula 4 Bronze
9 Ritwik Bandyopadhyay 1 Gold
9 K Jayashree 2 Silver
9 Aayush Gorwadia 3 Bronze
10 Vedang Parimal 1 Gold
10 Shalin Gadhavi 2 Silver
10 Shubh Patel 3 Bronze
11 Dheer Patel 4 Gold
12 Parth Dadhania 3 Gold



Kite Distribution for Uttarayan

This month young Yuva Brigade of Udgam School for Children put in a lot of effort and collected Kites for the under privileged children. 
The joy of collecting with that feeling of satisfaction of doing something for the society and also distributing to the joyful children just before the much celebrated festival of Uttarayan was a real treat for them. We are thankful to students and parents from donating kites. 
See the happy and satisfied faces of our students while distributing the kites.

International Kite Festival

Like every year the famous International Kite Festival was held at Sabarmati River Front. 
Our enthusiastic children participated in gamut of activities and proved their excellence in competitions. 
First event was the “Treasure Hunt”. It seemed as if an actual treasure hunt was going on with children literally scavenging for the clues which were scattered in an evidently random but actually quite organized manner. The level of difficulty added to the thrill leaving the children exhausted but happy. Securing First position was an added bonus!
The second event was “Quiz”. The questions asked were answered smartly by our team and they secured Second position. After the event the children were taken kite flying where they interacted with the kite flyers of different countries. They also tried out their hands at flying some world class kites.
Third event was Painting Competition on theme of “Kite Festival” where children unveiled their Painting talent. 
In Origami workshop children learned new tricks of paper folding and enjoyed it too. 
During the last event children learned the art of making Kites on their own. 
As children were taken to Sabarmati Riverfront for each event, they could see the Kites made by International flyers.

Annual Sports Day of Class 3 and 4

Class 3 and 4 celebrated their Annual sports day this morning at the school grounds. The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances by the students who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The ceremony was auspicated with the ceremonial torch lighting. The first event of the day has started with an inspiring yoga session followed by different events includes Pyramid, Mass drill exercises, Activities with different Props like Dupattas, Dandias, Lezim, Ribbon, Pom-Pom, Fan, Flag etc. To bring in the competitive spirits were the 50 meters Race, one legged Race, Backward Race, Baton Relay, Cone and Hurdle race. The winners of the activities were awarded with Medals and certificates.


Std. IX had ‘Group Discussion’ on the theme of ‘Childhood’ as an FA activity and also as a part of English speaking skill. The class was divided into 5 groups with 8 members in a group. A moderator for each group was selected by the members themselves. In the process of preparing and practicing for the GD, students learnt a lot – they learnt to work in a group, get along with other, to give every member a chance to speak and so on. The topics of the groups were:

1) Children do not have any Responsibility or Burden
2) Childhood is a Time of Joy and Pleasure
3) Most Parents have a Prejudice again the Girl Child
4) Nobody understand the Problems of Children
5) Children do not have any Independence

All the students spoke well and also appreciated their classmates.


Annual Sports Day of Class 6, 7 & 8

Udgam School organized their Annual Sports Meet for Class 6, 7, and 8 on 9th Jan,2015. It was a fun filled day, with children bursting with energy along with all the support from Teachers, Vice Principal, and Principal. The series of events started with the ceremonial torch lighting followed by activities like March past, Running race, Lezim, Baton relay, Aerobics, Three legged race, Hurdle race, Dumb bell exercises, Pyramid, Volley ball and Hand ball. The teacher also showed their zeal and participated in Lemon and spoon race. And at the end the most stimulating moment of the day – Recognition to the winners with medals and certificates.