Monthly Archives: August 2016

Olympiad results

The students of Class 6F displayed their oratory skills during the class assembly. They presented some interesting facts about Black holes and our very own planet – Earth.  They also presented a conversation which involved a question and answer session about various Indian astronauts who earned fame for themselves and the country as well.


This was followed by the award ceremony. Medals, gift hampers and certificates were given away by Ms. Noopur Desai to the meritorious students for their performance in various Olympiads. Kavan Doctor of Class 6th was awarded a trophy for his exceptional performance in Olympiads. 

An Activity to Introduce Living and Non-Living Things

Children of Senior KG were introduced to the concept of Living and Non-Living Things and the Role of Sense Organs through various activities. 

By showing different objects teachers have explained the concept of living and non-living things. The importance of sense organs like nose, eyes, tongue were explained using different methods. The students learnt to identify different smells like sweet, sour, spicy etc.


The students of class III performed a skit on the solar system. They were divided into groups. They wore flashcards. Each child was assigned a planet and they shared interesting facts about the planet they represented. Through this skit, class third students explored about our planets. They showed keenness and were intrigued to know amazing facts related to the solar system. This skit helped them to resolve their queries. Students enjoyed this fascinating time travel to solar system a lot.