Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hop Skip Jump

An outdoor activity was conducted in Class 2. It involved outdoor games like hopscotch, marbles and dog and the bone. The kids were keen and enthusiastic to learn and try out these games. Indian culture throughout history is replete with different forms of outdoor activities. Playing outdoor games fosters a spirit of teamwork, leadership skills, discipline, equality and comradeship among the kids. It also nurtures raw talent in the form of cricket and football. Certain abilities such as eye-hand coordination, quick reflexes, agility, instant decision making are honed by such activities. The list is endless. The vast plethora of Indian outdoor games in on the verge of extinction. Its about time the kids leave aside their gadgets for a while and play real games in the real world. Games which will leave a memory and will be remembered with fondness and nostalgia.


Most of us are born with keen senses and do not value them as much as we should and take them for granted. However, when we place ourselves in the shoes of people who have not been equally blessed, we start valuing them. A session of Deafness and Blindness was conducted by Sense International India for the students of Class 9. In this session the students were briefed about the different types of visual impairments. A blind fold activity was held to demonstrate the difficulties faced by deaf or blind people to sensitize the students towards those who are less fortunate. Students were also taught preliminary Sign Language to communicate. The session ended with an activity to test the knowledge acquired.