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Dodge Ball Tournament

Dodge Ball is a game where players of one team throw balls  while other team players avoid being hit by the ball. This game was originally played in Africa over 200 years ago.

It is popular in informal settings and is often played on a playground, community or in organised recreational leagues.

Our Class 3 students received training in dodge ball for THE DODGE BALL TOURNAMENT for boys and girls separately . Students were taught the basic rules of playing and method of the game. The tournament started with the selection round between the 8  sections. Then there was the semi – final among the 4 selected teams. The final match was among the 2 best  teams. The result of the various matches is as follows:-


3A VS 3 B 3 B 3 A VS 3 B 3 A
3 C VS 3 D 3 C 3 C VS 3 D 3 D
3 E VS  3 F 3 E 3 E VS 3 F 3 F
3 G VS 3 H 3 H 3 G VS 3 H 3 G







3 B VS 3 C

3 B

3 A VS 3 D

3 D

3 E  VS 3 H

3 H

3 F VS 3 G

3 G







3B VS 3 H

3 H

3 D VS 3 G

3 D



3 E


3 F


Storytelling week- Class 2

How does one define the word story? Long, short, funny or serious? Dark, inspirational or possibly captivating? Each person has his or her own unique story to tell.  Stories are never-ending journeys, hidden talents or suppressed memories, all waiting to be told. We all have a distinct definition of a story.


Stories are our primary tools of learning and teaching, the repositories of our lore and legends. They bring order into our confusing world. Think about how many times a day you use stories to pass along data, insights, memories or common-sense advice.


 Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.


They were the good old days when we would lie beside our grannies, as they took us on fantasy journeys with their tales — the wit of Birbal, the righteousness of the Pandavas, the stories of Vikram and Betaal, etc. Those were the stories that helped us learn some important lessons of our lives. They taught us about the good and bad and also had a hand in making us the people we are as grown-ups. However, now, with technology invading our lives like never before, nuclear families and working parents overpowering the social set up, the art of story-telling has become rare.

Here are some of the advantages of storytelling…

– Introduces new vocabulary to children

– Enhances listening skills of children

– It is about being in touch with cultural roots.

– It is a great activity of learning


As storytelling has lots advantages and it passes our tradition to the next generation, the children of standard II celebrated 'The Storytelling Week' , during which they enthusiastically participated by narrating stories of varied themes. It was interesting to watch children use different props and gestures to narrate mythological, moral, comical stories and fairytales with appropriate tone and intonation.


Declamation is about redelivering of an important or famous  speech.

The speaker reinterprets the original, reproducing its power. It is a very good exercise for public speaking skills.

The purpose is to have the students directly experience the power of a masterfully crafted  language.

This method of teaching was used in ancient Greece, where public speaking was considered a necessary art of anybody embarking on a career in public.

A declamation was a practice piece set by a teacher for exactly the same reason they are set now; to have a student learn the skills of combining eloquent language with equally eloquent delivery.

With this motto of learning, Class V  students participated with full enthusiasm and confidence in the Inter Class Declamation Competition.


The Competition winners are as follows:

  2. MICHELLE GEORGE      (VC)      –          SECOND POSITION
  3. ASMI SEHRA                  (VD)     –           THIRD POSITION

DEEP PATEL                    (VA)     –          THIRD POSITION

BEING SAFE- An activity for Class 2

School Tour For Safety Measures

‘Excellence in all the fields’ has always been the motto of Udgam School. Toeing  the above line, teachers took the students of Class II on a school tour showing how well equipped their school is.

Along with the best Academics, Udgam also provides the best safety for their students. The security guards at the gates ensure that no stranger enters the school premises. The full day homeopathy clinic provides check-up, medicines and first aid immediately to the students when required. The new grills installed outside the windows ensure more safety and precautions. And the fully equipped fire safety accessories are installed in the school on every floor which make the school prepared for any kind of emergencies. Also, not to forget the efficient CCTV network which keeps the Principal and Vice Principals aware of the minute to minute happenings in and outside the school premises.

The students were amazed with the safety and security arrangements that their school provides.

It was indeed an eye-opening session for the students of Class 2!!!