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Inter Class Cricket Tournament – Class 5

Cricket is a game played  throughout the world. It is a thrill both to play the game and to watch it. Students of Class 5 (both boys and girls )were taught the basic rules and given training in playing cricket by their PE teacher.  The Inter Class tournament started with the selection round. Then, there were the quarter final matches between the sections followed by the semi – finals. Finals were amongst the 2 best teams and the winners were declared. The winning teams were awarded with gold medals and silver medals were given to the runners-up teams. The series of matches between the sections  gave students a chance to cheer their fellow mates. We could see lot of zeal and competitiveness among the players as well as the spectators. Children left no stone unturned in cheering their favourite teams!!

The game of cricket encouraged team spirit, fostered discipline, helped build up character & brought out the quality of leadership in the students!!!

Class 3 – Gujarati Riddle Competition

Combination of brain storming and vocabulary-building turns into an amazing activity. Students of Class 3  had a  spectacular Riddle Competition in Gujarati. In this, the students were divided into four groups i.e. Kairi (mango), Gulab(rose), Mor(peacock) and Sinh(lion). There were total five rounds i.e. Common round, Buzzer round, Call a friend round, Visual round and Rapid fire round. There was a very interesting round for teachers also. Riddles were put up to teachers and they had to rack their brains to answer them . From the starting till the end, students learned a lot and increased their vocabulary bank.

WINNING TEAM- Kairi ( Saumya M Shah(III B), Naitik B Desai(III C), Dhyani J Trivedi(III E))

RUNNERS-UP TEAM -Sinh ( Kahaan T Shah(III A), Paridhi R Dave(III C), Yug P Patel(III B))

Winners and participants were applauded and awarded with certificates.