Monthly Archives: August 2018

Rainbow Day for Nursery Students

What a radiant day for our Nursery students!They celebrated the #rainbow day on July 27th. The classrooms were adorned with the vibrant seven colours of the rainbow. The children wore colourful dresses with accessories like hats, bands and bags. All of them sang songs on rainbow with their teachers. Such a joyful way to learn and remember the rainbow colours. Now, the children are eager to spot the beautiful rainbow in the monsoon sky. Each student received a rainbow to take back home. Each of our student is a rainbow of possibilities!


Rainbow Assembly for Class III Students

A lovely assembly was presented by our students of 3 B & G on the theme ‘rainbow’. The event started with a prayer, after which the children took the pledge. They sang a melodious song on colours and then performed a drama on #rainbow colours. The students had painted hands and wore colourful caps. Through their dance and drama, they showed how important it is to stay united. Life is more meaningful and brighter when we do things together and keep inspiring each other. The audience loved the show very much.



Red Day for Playgroup Students

Our playgroup children recently celebrated red day at #school. A day that was dedicated to the colour red. The students were thrilled to see the entire class decorated with red accessories . The teachers showed them different objects in #red colour. This way the little learners will be able to easily identify the red colour anywhere, anytime. Also, every child got a red #umbrella to take back home.

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