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The night was very dark and Mohan was frightened. He had always been afraid of ghosts. Whenever he was alone in the dark, he was afraid that a ghost lurking in some dark corner would suddenly spring on him. And tonight it was so dark that one could barely see one’s own hand. Mohan had to go from one room to another.

As he stepped out of the room, his feet seemed to turn to lead and his heart began to beat like a drum. Rambha, their old maidservant was standing by the door. “What’s the matter, son?” she asked with a laugh.
“I am frightened, Dai,” Mohan answered.
” Frightened, child! Frightened of what?”
“See how dark it is! I’m afraid of ghosts!” Mohan whispered in a terrified voice. Rambha patted his head affectionately and said, “Whoever heard of anyone being afraid of dark! Listen to me: Think of Rama and no ghost will dare come near you. No one will touch a hair of your head. Rama will protect you.” Rambha’s words gave Mohan courage. Repeating the name of Rama, he left the room. And from that day, Mohan was never lonely or afraid. He believed that as long as Rama was with him, he was safe from the danger. This faith gave Gandhiji strength throughout his life, and even when he died the name of Rama was on his lips.

An Assembly on Technology for Students of Grade 2

Technology has made our lives simpler, smoother and easier but at the same time has affected our interpersonal relationships. To highlight the same, an assembly was conducted by the students of class 2.

Children were shown why Udgam School is the smartest school of Ahmedabad. With the implementation and integration of technology in education, Udgam definitely stands apart! The assembly started with the regular session of morning prayer followed by the pledge, news reading and thought of the day. 

The focal point of this assembly was the use of technology and its ramifications.

The assembly was a collage of colourful and interesting performances. It started with a dance drama where the children performed a skit reflecting how technology has taken over our lives.

The entry of the Avengers (Super Heroes) depicting the 5 senses made the assembly even more exciting for the children.

 For the 1st time in Udgam assembly, Class 2 students mesmerized the audience with a ‘shadow act’ to drive home the intended message. It started with birds chirping and how their sweet songs have been replaced by the unending cacophony emanating from all kinds of technological advances.  Lastly, the kids rocked the stage with their moves to the song ‘Five senses’.

To culminate the assembly, the teachers gave a speech on the same guidelines, explaining how technology can either become the sixth sense or it can block all our senses.



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A Day full of Checks

A Day full of Checks


Students of Nursery Students celebrated a ‘Checks Day’ on Friday, September 7. Children came dressed in check print shirts, tops and frocks. The classrooms were adorned with different objects like racquets etc. that have checks in them. The walls and the floors were painted as  chessboard and as  ‘snakes and ladder’ board. Children took turns to act as the bishop , king , queen or the pawn. They were excited to wear the crowns and play chess by moving around the checks on the floor. Other activities of the checks day included differentiating between the small checks of the volley ball net and the bigger ones of the goal post in a football game. The students thoroughly enjoyed a day of learning  about checks and playing games.


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Rhymes Came Alive through Recitation

Rhymes Came Alive through Recitation


Recitation builds a child’s phonemic awareness. Through rhymes and poetry recitation, the little learners understand about voice inflection, pitch and intonation. Further, it enhances their vocabulary and boosts their confidence to become eloquent speakers. We, at Udgam school, understand the importance of recitation and accordingly organised a recitation activity for the Jr. KG students  in school. All the children recited a poem of their choice, with appropriate actions. This activity gave every student of junior group the opportunity to speak on stage and impress their classmates and teachers by performing confidently.


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Speaking Activity for Grade 1

Speaking Activity for Grade 1


India is a land of rich heritage and varied culture. To acquaint our students with her rich culture, food , the various states and language, a special activity was conducted for grade1. Each child was allotted an India state to speak about. This was a fun activity where the students got a chance to find out more about their country and also learn in the process.


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An Assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi

An Assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi


Like all the assemblies held at Udgam, the recent one for the students of 4 D and E started with a prayer, followed by the pledge and news reading. The entire class of 4D got the chance to narrate thoughts of the day , one by one and they also performed a skit and recited a poem. Brigith Ma’am narrated a speech, enlightening the audience about Morya Gosavi and how the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi originated.

Girls and boys of Grade 4 E impressed everyone present with their performance of dance and lezim. This awe inspiring assembly concluded with a vote of thanks by Seema Ma’am.


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Visit to Rasala Park

The advantages of connecting children to the outdoors are multifarious. Recently, our playgroup students were taken for a field trip to ‘Rasala Park’, near Ellisbridge, Gymkhana.

Every child loves to wander around the unmarked trails and observe things that exist around them. Also, field trips like this encourages environmental awareness among children through unstructured play.

At Rasala Park, our students got the chance to see animals like deer, monkeys, jungle cats, peacocks and different types of birds. Every student was very excited to spot the animals that they saw only in books or on TV so far. They also enjoyed their time with friends in the play area and sang rhymes on their way back.


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