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School Magazine – Matters Much?

Every progressive school has their own school magazine. Have you ever wondered why? Because this voluble school publication has multifarious benefits. The most important one being inculcating the habit of reading in the children. Once the students start flipping through the pages of their own school magazine, they see the contributions made by other students, who are either their friends or seniors or juniors. This definitely gives a boost to the students to contribute to their school magazine and see their name or picture flashing in it. If not, they might just enjoy reading it for the time being and absorb the knowledge imparted through the magazine.

Students can submit their informative articles, express their opinions or get their creative work featured. Reading the school magazines every month will motivate the young learners to brainstorm ideas on what can they contribute to the publication. This sharpens their thinking skills and gives them the necessary confidence to express better. So, looking at the bigger picture, the school magazine also helps in minimising the children’s digital addiction and makes them utilize their time at hand, more constructively. Who knows, it may inspire them to develop new hobbies too.

We, at Udgam School, publish Udgam Matters every month. Hard copies are sent to the students in the first week of every month. It’s available online too. We encourage students, teachers and parents to contribute regularly and give feedback that will help us in the planning the next issues.

If you have missed the last month’s issue, look out for the upcoming ones. Some exciting features are coming your way that will surely interest you.

Verb Charades for Grade 2 Students

Verb is the heart of a sentence. Once the children understand the importance of verbs and their relevance in communication, they are able to articulate their thoughts better. To make the lesson on Verbs more interesting for grade 2 students, our teachers organized a dumb charades activity for them. Each chit had a verb written on it. Children had to pick one chit at a time and enact the verbs written such as dance, sleep , sing, eat , sing etc. This activity helped the children strengthen their concept of verbs while having fun. This teaching -learning process was engaging for the little learners and ensured involvement and participation of all the students. 



Homepathy and its many benefits

How Homeopathy can Benefit your Child?
Common cold, colic, irritation, tummy ache, worms etc. are the common causes of discomfort in children. During such times, when your child is uncomfortable, try giving him or her homeopathy medicines. In fact, homeopathy medicines effectively treat acute as well as chronic disorders. There is a growing belief in Homeopathy among people from different parts of the world and is widely used for treating a variety of diseases. Also, homeopathy is highly popular among parents for treating certain physiological childhood problems.

At times, you may notice that your child is not as energetic as he /she usually is or may be your child is not able to concentrate on one thing for long. There could be issues like mood swings, hyperactivity etc. in children. All of this may arise from deficiency or discomfort. To soothe the nerves of your children, consult a good homeopathy doctor regarding what medicine can you give your child to restore you’re his/her comfort and give relief.

Safe with no Side Effects
Homeopathy medicines are well trusted and very safe. They slowly work towards curing an illness permanently, instead of suppressing the symptoms with strong doses. Moreover, children simply love homeopathy medicines that are commonly available in form of sweet tasting tiny globules. With these medicines, parents don’t have to go through the ordeal of giving tablets, syrups and other conventional medicines.

There are no adverse side effects of homeopathy medicines and also, they complement other forms of treatments and medications. Upon consultation with your doctor, homeopathy medicines for common symptoms can be administered at home as well.

At Udgam school, we have a fully functional homeopathy clinic with a qualified doctor who you can consult for any health concern. All you need to do is, believe in this form of treatment and you will eventually notice the wonderful benefits of homeopathy on your children.