Monthly Archives: January 2019

Annual Day Function for Nursery Students

On 12th January, Saturday, our Nursery students celebrated annual day with great pomp and vigour The event took place in the school auditorium of Udgam Thaltej branch, where parents were also invited to watch their children in action. The little ones impressed the audience with their confident speech, expert dance moves and cute costumes. Catch a glimpse of their annual day celebration in the pictures below .


Grandparents Day

‘Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, care, wonderful stories and Love’

Recently, we at Udgam , celebrated this special bond with our Junior KG students. This celebration was a great way to make the grandparents feel proud of their grandchildren and make happy memories together. The students were asked to come in free dress colour coordinated with their grandparents’ clothes. The little ones welcomed their favourite people by showering rose petals followed by shloka recitation. Children also sang rhymes and sons dedicating them to their grandparents.

Also, together they played games like passing the parcel and enjoyed thoroughly. It was a special day for our students to express their love and fond for their dad-dadi/ nana-nani and enjoy an exclusive time at school!


Blindfold Activity on Organ System

Recycling is very important and the sooner we introduce our students to the importance of this process , the better. A special English activity was conducted in class 5 in which the students made charts and models based on recycling. Some charts demonstrated the separation of waste by showing blue and green bins. There were charts that showed the recycling plants, how clothes are recycled etc. and models of plastic bags, paper bags , used plastic bottles that can be used as fans with batteries.

Through this activity, the students got a hands-on experience how to make the best out of waste. The practice of effective recycling can effectively reduce the usage of raw materials, reuse the existing waste to make new products.

We sincerely hope that such awareness helps our students in understanding important concepts such as energy saving, protecting the environment , conserving resources and reducing landfills.