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Sandwich Making Activity in Grade 2

As the academic year comes to a close, our grade II students enjoyed a sandwich making activity at school.  Throughout the year, many enjoyable activities were planned for them such as bookmark making, poster making, spelling antakshari, awareness rally , carnival etc. The sandwich making activity was equally fun for our students, which added to their memories of class 2 experiences. Students brought various items from home required to make a sandwich. Some made aloo matar sandwich, some made cheese jam sandwich and others made with vegetable mayonnaise.

All the students worked their way through to making  yummy  sandwiches which they relished with their friends. They enjoyed working with their teachers too, especially when they served the sandwiches to the students with so much of love and affection. While being fun-filled, this activity encouraged the students to eat homemade food and also taught them the etiquette of presenting food properly and serving the same.

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Igniting Minds

Speaking is a very important skill and we at Udgam School, see to it that our students develop this essential skill early on. ‘Igniting Minds’ was one such event for the 4th graders that tested their public speaking skills. The theme of activity was ‘ inspirational people’ who ignite the minds of our young students. The judges of ‘Igniting Minds’ were Ms. Priya Jha and Ms. Rohini Nanda (both primary section English teachers). Each and every participant delivered their speech with optimum confidence, loaded with solid information, once again leaving the judges in quandary while choosing the top 3 among all. Children spoke on several inspirational personalities like Sudha Murthy, Helen Keller, Rabindranath Tagore, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Sudha Chandran, Beethoven, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, K?nosuke Matsushita,Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar , Mary Kom, and Swami Vivekananda. The event was very well organized and stimulating for the audience. A special mention goes to Manisha Gajjar , Brigith Vasava , Sudipta Joshi & Deepal Patel for arranging everything to perfection.  It concluded with a short speech by Meetika Ma’am and distribution of certificates by Arathi Ma’am. Every participant received a certificate of appreciation.

Mart Activity for Grade II Students

Money is an important concept that must be introduced to children at a young age because even if the best things may come for free; but we need money for most things. With interesting activities, we can help the young learners strengthening their money skills and enable them to apply them in real life situation. As a part of the Arith activity for students of Grade II, a mart activity was arranged for them. To give our students an almost real shopping experience, the mini mart consisted of many common items that they can relate to. The entire class was divided into groups and each group had two students. They were given a shopping list and handed some fake notes and were then asked to shop from the mart on their own. Some students played the role of a sales person at the billing counter. Many students were able to add the cost of their billed items orally and collected the change from the counter. Shopping at the ‘Udgam mart’ was an enjoyable activity for all the students.


Gujarati Workshop for Educators

The most interesting fact about Gujarati Language is that it is spoken by  66 million speakers all over the globe. This fact has stirred the minds of the academicians and it becomes necessary for the educationists to enhance the instructional tools and programs for examination and evaluation within the education system.


Udgam School for Children organised a workshop on ‘Importance of Gujarati language in academic curriculum’. The day started with informative lectures and teachings on the importance of language, its history and its use in schools. There was a discourse on the topic the ‘Roots of Mulaakshar’ in Gujarati , which talked about the importance of sequence of letters in Gujarati and its role in creating the perfect script.


The session imparted various techniques to teachers to make the classroom teaching effective and innovative. Ideas to enhance the four skills- Reading, writing, Speaking and Listening were highly appreciated. The brainstorming session with instructor gave a wide range of medium to teachers to occupy the unrest minds of the students inside the classroom.

Grammar was another subtopic, which was dealt effectively by the facilitator. The interactive discussion gave the teachers a bird’s eye view of micro topics like spelling, Sandhi rules, rules on anuswaar etc.


The workshop cumulatively contributed to help teachers of Udgam School for children and Zebar School for Children  to shape the instructional program of Gujarati at various levels in school teaching.


Talking Titans

Developing communication and oratory skills is an essential virtue in today’s times. To hone the confidence level of our students of Grade 1, a special activity ‘Talking Titans’ was organized in which every student had to choose a topic and speak on it. Keya ma’am trained the students by showing them TED talk videos, explaining to them about body language and how to remain confident while speaking in front of an audience. Each participant who spoke in the class received a certificate of appreciation. After the initial class activity, teachers selected some students from each section to speak on stage in the auditorium. During the selection process, teachers were in a dilemma as each speaker was almost equally good.  Today, the final event was held with the selected speakers in the presence of the VP, supervisor and other teachers, at the school auditorium. As young as grade 1 students exuded excellent poise while talking in front of a larger audience, devoid of any hesitation or cold feet. Some of the interesting topics that the children spoke on are Robinhood army, Optical Illusion, Virtual classes, Power of prayer, Time management, Punctuality, Success among many more interesting matters. They impressed the audience with their right gesticulations, proper intonation and pronunciation. Some of our speakers even asked questions to their friends in the audience and received roaring replies. Last but not least, we would like to thank the parents for guiding the students and encouraging them to partake in ‘Talking Titans’. It was indeed a very successful event that received a lot of appreciation from one and all. 


Blue Day for our Playgroup Students

Playgroup students enjoyed a blue day at school. They were thrilled to see everything blue-blue around them as their classroom was adorned with blue accessories. All cartoon characters were dressed in blue just as our students were. The little ones played a game of passing the parcel with their friends and teachers. What made their day more fun was the blue dolphin that they took back home.