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Fun with Numbers for Students of Grade 1

Fun with Numbers for Students of Grade 1 As our students are getting a better grasp over numbers, a fun game was arranged for them which was a lot like the game of housie. Our young learners had to follow the clues given by the teacher, identify each number and accordingly, circle them in their coupons. The same winning criteria (as in housie )– first five, upper line, middle line, bottom line and full house was followed . Winners were soon announced and awarded as well. This fun-tastic play with numbers made our students take more interest in maths.

Sports Days of Class 5 and 7

Sports Days of Class 5 and 7 The sprawling lawn of Udgam School for Children was filled with exhilaration and cheer as the annual sports day for students of class 5 and 7 was celebrated on 30th November, Saturday. The event commenced with a welcome note, followed by the torchlight run , oath taking ceremony and releasing white and blue balloons. The various performances such as Lezim dance, aerobics, parachute, yoga, gymnastic, self-defense etc. created a riot of colourful hues and vibrance. The participants took part in the different races like 100 meters, relay race, drag the ball, zigzag race and many more. The constant applauds from parents and teachers reverberated the whole atmosphere. The winners received their certificates and medals from our Principal and Supervisor of primary section.

Rifle Shooting Workshop – November Sessions

Our rifle shooting workshop for middle section students has proved to be one of the most popular sessions of the year. Due to popular demand, Udgam Pro Activity Club arranged 3 more batches in November. Check our students enjoying while learning the basics of shooting. Also, don’t miss the student feedback in the pictures below. They are just overwhelming!

Sports Day in Secondary and Senior Secondary Section

Sports Day in Secondary and Senior Secondary Section Sports day for secondary and senior secondary section was held on 23rd November in the school premises. The event commenced in a grand way by welcoming the chief guest, followed by torch light running, oath taking ceremony and releasing colourful balloons. After the sports day was declared, there was a mass drill performance by the students, followed by yoga and martial arts by girls of class 10. Soon the races began and the entire campus was filled with cheers from students and teachers. There were 50 meters relay race, 100 meters race ,sack race, three leg race etc. that was enjoyed by the participants and the audience alike. The volleyball and kabaddi matches between students of class 10 and 12 added to the energy of the sports day!

Udgam Talks 2019

Udgam Talks 2019 Mythology has always had a powerful influence on our society. Mythological characters from around the world ,even though they find their prominence mostly in stories and tales, have a strong bearing on modern day human beings too. The extent of the impact was evident in today’s event ‘Udgam Talks 2019’. Our Talented ,Enthusiastic Declaimers from classes 9 to 12 projected their views on mythological characters that they most relate to. There were two categories-Category A that comprised of students of classes 9 and 10 and Category B had students of classes 11 and 12. The eloquent speakers of the event were brimming with confidence and engaged the audience with their individual perspectives and facts. The event was graced by the director of Udgam School, , Principal, Vice principals of Senior secondary, secondary and middle section. The event was judged by Ms. Dhanya R., Ms. Rachna Randhar and Ms. Aritra Raj , who also shared their insights about the day’s event before the winners were declared. The participants were marked on different parameters such as their content , intonation, expression, pronunciation and confidence. Albeit each speaker impressed the audience immensely , however, the winners were soon announced by Ms. Malobika Dutta. In category A- Ms. Dhwani Shah of class X came first , followed by Ms. Arja Kakkar of class IX and third position was secured by Freya Jetly of class IX. In category B, Ms. Maana Shah of class XI got the first position and Ms. Mili Jetly and Ms. Navya Patel of class XI secured the second and third position respectively. The winners were awarded with certificates by Ms. Radhika Iyer and Ms. Sujata Tandon. The morning event indeed provided enough food for thought to the listeners to ponder over for the rest of the day!

Science Activity for Students of Class 8

Science Activity for Students of Class 8 To ignite the young minds of our students of class 8 A and 8 B and help them retain their interest in science, a group activity was arranged for them. Our students used various materials like disposable plastic containers, sharpened pencils, carbon rods from dry cells, lemon juice and such items to demonstrate the process of electrolysis. They also made different circuits to verify the magnetic effect of electric current. Each group was graded for this activity based on their overall presentation.

Adorn the Cake with the Right Topping – An Activity on Fraction

Adorn the Cake with the Right Topping – An Activity on Fraction Our students of class 3 had so much fun during their recent most fraction activity. Students had to add toppings on a cake according to the fractions given to them. The concept of fraction was interestingly strengthened in our 3rd graders as each one of them took part in the activity and presented their work beautifully on paper.

Conductor- Insulator Activity – Class 6

Conductor- Insulator Activity – Class 6 Our students of class 6 enjoyed a science activity in which they had to detect and determine whether a particular material is conductor or insulator of electricity. Students used self-prepared electric testers made of materials like conducting wires, insulating tape, safety pin, eraser, a battery, a bulb etc. Check the pictures below of students engrossed in their subject enrichment work.

Bharat Rajye ke Kuch Vishesh Vyanjan

Bharat Rajye ke Kuch Vishesh Vyanjan Most of us love Pav Bhaji, but do we know why is this dish so popular? As a part of Hindi subject enrichment , a group activity was organized for students of class 7, during which such interesting facts associated with various popular food items were discussed. Students had to research and find out interesting information about the different Indian cuisines available in our country. They actively took part in the activity and explored dishes from Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu , Maharashtra etc. The interesting charts made by the participants where they not only shared recipes but also several, not-so-common facts about many dishes that left us hungry for more.