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Poster Making Competition- Class 3

Poster Making Competition- Class 3

Poster making has its targeted benefits on young minds. Hence a competition was organized for students of class 3. They were given various topics such as pollution, uses and sources of water etc. to make their posters. Children worked in groups and created awe-inspiring posters in which they included relevant slogans too. It was impressive to see the young learner taking keen interest in the activity and working with full team spirit. The best posters in each section were given a special sticker by the teachers.

IIHM Cooking Competition

IIHM Cooking Competition

Our students of class 7 and teachers cooked up a storm at the IIHM cooking competition. 25 students and 7 teachers participated in the competition, who were asked to bring any one dish from the category of starter, main course and dessert. The array of dishes prepared by our participants ranged from traditional ones like ‘Winter Special: Pend’, ‘Mohanthal’, ‘Shahi Custard Pudding’ to French Dish like “le pain farci au bol with Mint Mojito”, Mexican dish – ‘Burrito bowl’, Italian Pizza . Each dish had a twist of originality by the participant. The judges from Indian Institute of Hotel Management were simply awe-struck looking at the spread and the ones that caught their utmost interest were the layered chocolate cake and the chocolate walnut tart with fresh cream. Overall, it was an enjoyable and a yummy feat!

PowerPoint Project Experience for Class VI Students

As a part of Geography subject enrichment activity , our students of class VI were assigned a project on India- our country. They had to make a PowerPoint presentation using various skills that encompassed research, analyzing information, logical planning of the sequence of information etc. Students were required to make a presentation and speak invidually infront of the whole class. Teachers were delighted to see that students spoke with absolute confidence while giving their presentation and some use laser pens etc, adding a professional touch to the whole activity. Also, students smoothly handled the questions from the audience too. This holistic activity was interactive in nature and focused on the importance of public speaking and effective communication skills among students. Like last year, this year too the activity was highly appreciated by students and parents, alike.

Social Studies Subject Enrichment Activity (Std-VII)

Have you ever wondered how your favourite leather jacket came into existence? Or why cashmere costs so much? Or Why your grandmother hoards her collection of handloom sarees?
The students of standard VII were taken on a journey of discovery through their subject enrichment activity which focussed on the creation of a garment. The project was designed in a way to push the students towards research and showcase the journey of any garment, be it a pair of socks or a designer frock, Nalli saree or a Gucci evening gown.

Students displayed the project on A3 size paper with a pictorial graph and then created an interesting advertisement for the product. The advertisement was meant to entice people into buying the product and to avail the on-season discounts as provided by the students.
This entire activity also highlighted the chain of markets and emphasized the role of a retailer in converting a product into a successful brand. Children were taught how the utility of a product is derived from the various players of the economy, i.e. cultivators, weavers’ merchants, traders and is finally delivered to the end-users.
Children were able to comprehend the power of advertisement over a gullible consumer and understood the tricks of the trade. They realised how equality in markets is a myth and the fact that the original creators of a product seldom get the opportunity to use their very creation.

Smt. Krupali Sanghvi Receives the National ICT Award

Smt. Krupali Rathin Sanghvi from Secondary section – Udgam School, recently received the National ICT Award under the category of school teachers using ICT for innovation. This prestigious award was given by the Minister of States, Shri Sanjay Dhotre in the presence of Amit Khare (Secretary, MHRD) and Rajib Kumar Sen(MHRD), Prof. Hrushikesh Senapaty (Director, Ncert), Prof. Amarendra Behera(Joint Director, Ncert) on 23rd December, 2019 at New Delhi.

For the first time in 10 years, a teacher from Gujarat received this award under the CBSE category. Mrs. Sanghvi expresses her gratitude to the Udgam School management, school heads, teachers and all the students who were a part of this successful journey.

National ICT award is given to those teachers who have enhanced student learning by effectively integrating technology supported learning into the school curriculum and subject teaching.

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A Trip to Swapna Srushti Adventure Park

Day Trip to Swapna Srushti On the last week of 2019, our students of class 7 and 8 were taken for a day trip to Swapna Srushti adventure park. The journey from the school was approximately 2 hours which was enough for building up the excitement in the students. As soon as they reached the destination, it was time for Amarnath yatra, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. Post a filling breakfast, students enjoyed their time playing various board games such as chess, snake and ladder, brainvita etc. Next it was time for some adrenaline rush with hanging swing, zigzag walk, commando net , climbing wall etc. However, the zipline experience was the highlight of the day and was much talked about. The merriment of the day continued even after lunch, on the dance floor where students had a gala time, shaking their legs with their friends and teachers. The day drew to an end with class photography session and boarding the bus to go back home, chatting about the day’s happy moments with everyone.

Pattern Activity for Grade 3 Students

Understanding patterns helps in honing logical reasoning skills in children. With a proper idea of patterns, they learn to arrange properly and develop a sense of order, avoiding a chaotic arrangement. Given the importance of patterns, a group activity was conducted for students of class III. Students were given different pictures of the things that are commonly used in school and they had to draw relevant patterns on those pictures. It was an enjoyable activity that helped in strengthening their concept of various types of patterns.

Christmas Activities in Class 1 and 2

Christmas Activities in Class 1 and 2 Celebrating the wonder and the joy of Christmas, students of Class II enjoyed the story of the birth of Jesus and were super excited to meet and greet Santa Claus in school. The little students also went around ,singing Christmas carols merrily with their friends and teachers. Such joyful activities were followed by the main highlight of Christmas- writing a letter to Santa and letting him know about their wishes. On the other hand, grade I students welcomed the festivities with creative joy. They brought colours, glitters, stickers and decorated the Christmas pictures given to them, with their group of friends. With such fun-filled activities our students are ending 2019 on a cheerful note!

Udgamites joining the Eat Right India Movement

Udgamites joining the Eat Right India Movement An interactive session was organized for students class 1 and 2 in collaboration with representatives from FSSAI, promoting the Eat Right India movement. With the rise in the consumption of Junk food, which comes with their set of negative impacts, it’s the need of the hour to sensitize young children about the importance of eating healthy and home cooked food. This session emphasized of washing hands and maintaining hygiene while eating food. They enjoyed the different activities like glitter activity, placard activity etc. The young ones also got excited seeing Master Sehat and Miss Sehat on stage, who were the ambassadors of healthy eating. Later, they got the chance to take pictures with the too. This was a fun session with a serious objective at hand- inculcating students as young as 6 and 7 years to be emissaries of healthy eating.

Hibiscus Dissection Activity

Students of class VI dissected hibiscus to locate and observe four main parts of it. They opened, stuck and labelled the different minute parts of hibiscus on a A4 sized sheet of a paper with the help of transparent cello tape. It was such an enjoyable activity that gave our students the opportunity to get a hands on experience of the lessons done in class. Photographs of remaining sections will be uploaded shortly.