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Dr. G Vijayalakshmi receives Award for Excellence in Education

A versatile educator is the one who succeeds in teaching students despite the contests of life. Dr. G Vijayalakshmi, Vice-Principal of Middle Section, associated with us for the past twenty years, is one of those educators who are determined, thought-provoking, and passionate about teaching her students.
On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the International Institute of Hotel Management, IIHM, in association with The International Hospitality Council (IHC) London, honored those with the Certificate of Excellence in Education, who have accepted challenges and have continued to teach undaunted during the crisis. IIHM celebrates Teachers Day every year by giving away Awards to teachers in over 40 cities. This year the celebration was done over Zoom Video Conference conferring the award Online.
We congratulate Dr. G Vijayalakshmi, who was one of the educators to receive honors at the ceremony. Her selfless efforts for the benefit of Education is truly honorable.

Key Changes Due to New Normal Mode of Schooling

The year 2020 has been a transforming year in all aspects. The pandemic made the whole world hung amidst possibilities and decisions. Changes were plentiful with the pros and cons attached to it. Everyone tried well to get through and survive the aspects of the new normal.

With innumerous experiments, education too observed a sudden change. Gradually, all CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad as well as worldwide adopted methods considering the new normal situation. The pandemic bought the following modifications in education.

Transition to Online Classes
The most change which the Education world has experienced is the change to the on-screen learning. So, students learn from home and save their travel time, thus have more time to perform other activities. With the drastic change in Education, teachers have been working hard to compensate classroom learning and deliver the best to their students.

Independent Learning
The principal benefit which online learning has rendered is the self-dependency to students. During the contemporary mode of schooling, they used to ask even the smallest doubts to the teachers. With the reduced number of hours and remote learning, students try to solve simple problems on their own, which further makes them use their brains more and learn better.

Online Exams
Unlike regular schooling, the way of conducting exams have changed. Routine written tests got substituted with multiple-choice questions. Teachers create an online form, of which the link is sent to the students. The students need to open the link on the prescribed time and submit the test within the allotted period. The frequency of conducting descriptive examinations, on the other hand, lessened up. Moreover, there is a specific manner to conduct such written tests, which gets proctored online by keeping the cameras on and submitting the sheets after scanning it. The questions asked in such exams are to be levelled up as compared to the class exams. Schools are also conducting open book tests for students in the crisis.

Techno-Savvy Schooling
As learning is online, teachers are obtaining every possible tool available over technology to make it more productive for students. For this, the school arranges frequent training sessions to upgrade their technical skills. Even students have thus got familiar with many software and have learned working on them. To make students ready for the classes, especially to the young learners, even parents had updated themselves technologically.

Assignment & Homework Submission
With no physical submission of assignments, all students need to submit their work online after scanning it. Students can access worksheets from the Assignment Module of MST, while Notebook Work, Videos related to the subject, Answer Keys of Assignments, and presentations can get accessed from the Files Module of MST. Further, links of study material and videos get shared over WhatsApp.

The ‘NN’ Tribute
The online transition has Nurtured Nature in many ways. From reducing the carbon footprints due to less vehicle usage to saving numerous papers, online classes are healing nature to a great extent. The ozone layer is getting cured due to less usage of transportations. Moreover, the techno transition has increased the use of computers thus reducing the number of papers. All the circulars and communication to the parents from schools, as well as tests conducted, got online. Further, students give multiple-choice questions on google forms which again helps save nature.

A Good-Bye Message
All the best English medium schools in Ahmedabad have made it a responsibility to deliver the most desirable education to their students, even when they are bound to present schooling remotely. The schools are striving the best to handle the change superbly and reduce all the ill-effects of the pandemic on education. Constant experiments by educators and feedbacks from parents are something undertaken regularly to make the new normal schooling mode more comfortable.

Let us know more about the pros and cons of virtual schooling and help us work better.

Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts(MIEE)

We are excited and proud to join the elite group of Showcase Schools for innovative practices showcased in the classrooms for the 9th year in the row.
We are pleased to share that of the 23000 innovative educators worldwide, 9 teachers from Udgam School for Children got entitled as Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts(MIEE).
Showcase School leaders, Mr.Manan Choksi, Executive Director, and Ms.Sujata Tandon, Principal of the school, have successfully achieved the digital transformation across schools getting 100% teachers trained and using effective technologies in their classroom, assessment, as well as the evaluation process.
Ms. Krupali Sanghvi, a National ICT Awardee, who has been an MIEE for consecutive nine years got entitled by Microsoft as MIEE Fellow Worldwide, for her contribution to the education community worldwide for coaching, mentoring, and as experts for technology integration in school, whereas Ms.Manisha Thakker, Ms.Payal Parikh, Ms. Khushbu Jani, Ms.Shivani Sheth, Ms.Ekta Soneji, Ms.Sharmila Pitroda, Ms.Padmavathi Pedalanka, and Ms.Arti Gohil got acknowledged as MIEEs.
Hearty congratulations to all our Educators!