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Give it Up – A Campaign to Support Parents during these Challenging Times

The sudden global crisis has influenced the physical as well as mental health of people. Moreover, it has also shaken the economies, thus affecting a large number of families globally. The pandemic has left many people jobless and to work at reduced salaries, also got many businesses to suffer huge losses.

In compliance with the government resolution dated October 7, we, at Udgam School have reduced 25% fees for the academic year 2021-21 for all its students. Further, we understand that some parents may be unable to even pay reduced fees due to multiple reasons. However, at school, it will be difficult to accommodate any additional relief in fees.

We are concerned about how some of our parents might be dealing these hard times, contrary, we have guardians whose economies are unaffected, and they do not require the relief in fees. Though, as per the Government guidelines, the ease is to be given compulsorily to them as well.

To bridge the two classes as per the impact on them concerning the pandemic, we have come up with a campaign, Give it Up. Under this campaign, we have bridged the wealthy parents and the parents-in-need, to enrol themselves with the Class Teacher and pass the relief of fees to the needed.

We shall maintain complete confidentiality of the parents who approached us for help, while keeping transparency with respect to the utilization of the funds.

Let us all come together in these hard times to support each other and work for the benefit of future generations!

This noble initiative by the school also caught the media’s attention. Let’s have a look at the online reports published by various media houses in the city.

A Proud Moment!

Aarya Shalin Almal, our student from VIII-H, participated in Young Chefs India Junior by IIHM. She cleared the preliminary rounds and entered the all-school Ahmedabad level along with more than 500 participants. Further, she got selected for the interschool and secured the 1st position in Ahmedabad.

Star Chef RanveerBrar announced the final results. The participants were judged upon the presentation, plating, patience in the kitchen, management as well as efforts, as it was a virtual cooking contest.

Similar recipe using the same ingredients, as mentioned by IIHM, had to be prepared by all participants in the finale. Aarya prepared the dishes Shaam-Savera and Mango Rose Jugalbandi.

IIHM will honour her with a cash prize for her achievement.

Congratulations Champ!

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10 Things to Consider Before Securing Admission Online of Your Child in School

Schools play a significant role in shaping the career of your child. Hence it becomes essential for you to check its details before you finalize admission in it. Here is a checklist that you need to be watchful before you fill the form for the CBSE school admission in Ahmedabad. 

Infrastructure of Building

The infrastructure of the building plays a very significant role in the overall development of the child. Take a virtual/physical tour of the school to check if there is a ground to play, library to read books, laboratory to experiment, canteen for lunch breaks, and any such facilities in the school.

Time & Distance from the School

Check the distance to school from your residence. Not all children are comfortable when it comes to travelling long distances. Also, timings are another factor that you should check before attaining the admissions in schools. Some schools provide morning as well as noon shifts so that you can opt for schooling at the time convenient for you.

Future-Readiness of the School

With the influence of technology and the changing needs of skills among individuals, we have observed many changes happening in education by the implementation of new courses. The top CBSE schools Ahmedabad ensure working in liaison with times and upgrade its teaching methodologies accordingly. Some schools have included coding in their curriculum to keep its students well-advanced with times, while some schools conduct different activities to develop communication skills among students. Owing to the increasing cases of mental fluctuations among students, some schools as well have hired counsellors to safeguard the mental health of its students.

Skilfulness of the Teachers

The more is the teacher trained and educated, the more can they pass knowledge to students. Some schools understand the importance of upgrading skills hence provide regular training or encourage teachers to study further. Taking this a step ahead, a few of the educational institutions pay for the training of staff, while some make it compulsory for each of its personnel to undertake specific training hours every year.



The manner the school adapts to the current scenario is also a point to consider. Investigate how has the school dealt with delivering the sessions during the pandemic. Also, see to it whether the school has upgraded the teaching methodologies, does it possess modern facilities such as CCTVs and latest equipment in the laboratory; has it collaborated with other agencies for Quizzes and Olympiads; does it approach national and international organizations such as Microsoft Showcase School, EduSports, etc. for the benefit of its students. It is a cherry on the cake for your child if the school works in liaison with times and embrace new ideas.

Syllabus followed by the School

Before you start searching for schools, check out for the board you wish your child to study in, accordingly begin searching for a school. Depending on the plans you have for your child in future, opt for Central or International Board.

Result Inspection

Check if the school is tagged with the ‘School with Best Results’, as ultimately it is a good result that you will want for your child. So, search for the past years’ records of school in X and XII boards and take admission of your child in a school delivering consistent and top results over the years.

Teaching Methodologies

Teaching Methodologies

Each school has a different methodology of teaching its students. Some schools believe in a practical method; some adopt a lesson-teaching mode; some provide techno-savvy schooling; some prefer a gurukul-mode while some schools blend a few or all methodologies to present a unique style of teaching. Investigate what does a school adopts, and perceive what is best for your child, accordingly, decide the school for your child.

Co-curriculum Activities

Co-curriculum Activities

A few schools show active participation in involving the students into co-curriculum activities. It conducts various weekly and monthly activities for students such as quizzes, debates, drawing, singing, dance. Students, in turn, develop many skills when they participate in such activities.

Provision of Remedial Classes

Check whether the school focuses on actual student development or merely focuses on teaching. Some institutions undertake a lot of efforts to clear the doubts as well as concepts of its students, hence provide regular remedial classes for its students.

Involvement in Competitions

A few schools encourage student’s participation more than just at the school level. Students are urged not only to participate in the state but also at the national and international level. If you are aware that your child is performer in co-curriculum activities, you should search for a school conferring exposure and delivers an overall development to your child.

Transport Facilities

Check if the school provides transport facilities as well. Attaining the facilities of the school itself is a perk as the school takes responsibility and ensures more safety than the third-party transport. Many schools make sure to have a lady conductor, also cameras as well as route trackers on the bus.


Justification to fees

Perceive the fees of the school and see if it provides facilities justifiable with it. More the number of extra-curriculum activities, modernized infrastructure, trained teachers, and extended timings, more will be the fees charged by the school.

School acts as a strong pillar in shaping your child. So research well and once you have examined all the above points, you can now go ahead and search for admission open in CBSE School Ahmedabad.