Thuds of the ball to record the maximum number of bounces, bells to keep the participants of Musical Chair on their toes and joyous screams as the rope of Tug of War finally declared the winning side, heralded the morning at Udgam School. These were just some of the activities which were going on in Senior School along with Dumb Charades, Guessing Games and plenty more. If the Seniors were having fun, the children of Middle School were not far behind in games with Hop Skotch, Dog and Bone, Tug of War and other indigenised traditional games. The children of senior classes demonstrated to their younger friends through presentations and posters about the relevance of Children’s Day, about Pandit Nehru, his childhood and achievements.
Primary School had activities throughout the day in all classes. These included classic and cartoon movies fully loaded with cupcakes and popcorn, speeches about the importance of the day, craft work, wish tree making, card making and sandwich making. One singular idea was writing about their partner (only positive qualities) and presenting it to him/her. 
The juniormost section, Preprimary had an amazing time too. They had a Puppet show which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Then they had a’ visit’ from Chacha Nehru which was a good way to acquaint them with the great statesman on whose birth anniversary Children’s Day is celebrated. The child had a funfilled day which was over too soon.