Doha- Darbaar – Rahim ke Dohe

The students of Standard 8 presented the ‘Doha’s of Rahim’ in an innovative way. They set up a virtual ‘Darbaar’ where all the ‘Darbaaris’ presented ‘Rahim ke Dohe’.
‘Doha’s’ hold an important place in literature as well as our lives. They convey big messages in a nutshell. In an effort to present this importance and learning from the ‘Doha’s’ the students not only presented them the Dohas but also explained their meaning in detail.
The programme was completely managed and presented by the students. Students also played the musical instruments to give a feel of a real ‘Darbaar’. To add a unique element, a student dressed as Rahim presented a brief introduction of Rahim as a self-speech. Other students donned the turban as props which really added to the feel of a Darbaar.
To presentation of Dohas was supported by a powerpoint presentation which was played along. The programme ended with a thank you note where all involved in the planning and preparation were thanked formally.