Helen Keller’s 132nd Birth anniversary


Helen Keller’s 132nd Birth anniversary

As a tribute to differently abled people across the world,  an elocution seminar was organized for Classes 6, 7 and 8 on 27th June, 2012 on the occasion of  132nd birth anniversary of Helen Keller. Apart from this, teachers carried on discussions and activities in the classrooms to make students aware of such people and be sympathetic to them.

Not only Helen Keller but all those warriors who lived and are living their life with disabilities such as Deafness, Blindness and dumbness together were remembered. These courageous people are not just living but leading their life peacefully.

Representatives from SENSE International visited our premises to witness and become the part of the event.  Their Advocacy Officer, Mr. Zaheer Dhale, who is himself deaf, blind and dumb interacted with students in sign language and left children thinking how differently- abled people lead their life. The team was happy to see the school trying to sensitize children about such people. They encouraged and appreciated our student speakers by giving away remeberance gifts to them.

On this day, soft boards of the school displayed write-up and pictures related to life stories of such courageous people.

The whole exercise was a successful one as the message of being courteous and polite to disabled people was passed on with great ease to the children.