Let’s Save Our Sparrows

Let’s Save Our Sparrows There was a time when spotting a sparrow was as easy spotting the sky. Well,the little brown endearing bird is now nowhere to be seen! What are we going to do about it? The renowned Ahmedabad based Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant, Mr.Jagat Kinkhabwala (popularly known as the SPARROW MAN) sensitized the students of class 5 towards saving the sparrows. He also gifted his book, “Save the Sparrow” to the school for a read in the library. The session began with unveiling of a sparrow sculpture by Mrs. Meetika Sharma, Vice Principal of the Primary section along with Mrs. Smita Jadhav, Hindi teacher for class 5. Following were the points that were explored in the session: • Causes of extinction of sparrows such as global warming, deforestation, and urbanization • Remedies to conserve the sparrows – gave a detailed discussion about the need of restoring nests of sparrows and even creating DIY birdhouses(nests) and giving them grains and water daily. • All the students were given a box with which they can make nests. The session concluded with inquisitive questions from our kids and satisfying answers by the guest speaker and with a note from him urging students to take steps by simply adopting and installing nests/birdhouses and helping the feathered friend – sparrow to survive!