The Day for the Teacher, the Guru, was celebrated with reverence at Udgam School. 

This was the perfect opportunity for students to  make the day special for those who relentlessly work for them in and outside the classrooms, the motivators of learning.

Principal Ms. Radhika Iyer referred to the day as Teacher’s Day as well as Student’s Day as without students there would be no teachers and vice versa.

Each section of the school celebrated the day with great enthusiasm.

Students arranged a variety of activities for their beloved teachers.

There were skits, songs, speeches, dances and card making activity.

They decorated the classes with lovely colourful posters.

There were smiles all around.


In the afternoon the students listened with rapt attention to the live telecast of the eloquent speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a strong espouser of education.

Special arrangement was made to ensure proper viewing of the telecast.