Poem by Jayneel

The beautiful poem has been written by  Jayneel Vora of Std. X .

The God Particle


The God particle,

The Higgs’ article.

Gives mass to matter;

Making our textbooks fatter!!!

Created just after the Big Bang;

Bells of Higgs’ rang,

Found in two-o-twelve,

Not less than a jewel.

The Experiment at CERN,

Hotter than the sun.

Nicknamed the Higgs-Boson,

Had the scientists soar on.

Costing 3 billion euros,

With nine zeroes!!!!!

Protons are collided,

Smash ups create heat up to 106 times the sun.

Standing near with a bun,

Not at all fun!!!!!

Could have caused a black hole;

Eating the Earth as a whole…..

Loads of celebrations in Geneva;

No blood left in my Vena Cava!!!

Hope it is it;

Or, scientists will not be able to sit!!!!

                                                                            Jayneel Vora

                                                               Std. X

                                                       Udgam School for Children