The Udgam building is ergonomically designed to suit children’s need for space, light and facilities are tailored to their size and capabilities.

The school building was designed keeping in mind the ventilation in each classroom. Broad staircases, wide corridors and spacious classrooms are some of the key features of the building which make it safe and easy to access. Adequate toilets, drinking water facility one each floor helps students return to their classes faster. A central courtyard accommodates entire school at a time.


Udgam houses 2 premises in a vast area of approximately 23281.40 sq.m. Best school near Thaltej  has a built-up area of approximately 14510.40 sq. mt., and its playground is a lush green lawn surrounded by shady trees in approximately 4,164 sq. mt. The Jodhpur campus has an area of about 4607sq.m. It is large enough to accommodate events like kite flying. This is in addition to the skating rink, covered tennis courts and the cafeteria facility in the backyard. Grounds are used for playing football and cricket and various other games.

There are around 500 trees in the campus which gives a cool atmosphere and reduces noise pollution.

Udgam is one of the few schools in the city which provides for parking of two wheelers and four wheelers inside the campus. The students are not subject to crossing roads while coming to school hence reducing the risk of accidents.

Infrastructure of the school