Homeopathy Clinic

At Udgam, we ensure rendering instant care to our students, as well as teachers, in case they get ill. Hence, we have housed a homoeopathic clinic in association with Anubhuti Homeopathy Clinic, which provides both homoeopathic treatment.

About Anubhuti Homeopathy Clinic
Anubhuti Homeo Clinic has 10 branches across Gujarat and runs the clinics since 40 years. The clinic is easily accessible on the school premises, and the treatment is given free of charge to our students.

Why Homeopathy?
Homoeopathy does not have side effects and thus serves beneficial instead of conventional  medication (allopathy). Psychological disorders like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality and emotional disorders, developmental problems can also be cured by homoeopathy and regular counselling. Typical problems like stomach ache, headache, injury allergies, cough and cold are also cured on a daily basis at the school. Homeopathy acts by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism. It activates the vital energy in our body.

For children having minor complains during school hours the clinic can provide immediate remedy and save the parent from picking up the child and visiting the doctor. Since medications are sublingual they are easy to administer to children.