Scholarship Program

The Udgam School Scholarship Program is for meritorious students of Udgam School whose household income is below a certain limit.

The school considers applications based on the following criteria:

  • Academic results of the child for the past year.
  • Behaviour and discipline of the child during the past year.
  • Annual income of both the parents.
  • Attendance record of the child.
  • Punctuality and other habits of the child.

Parents are requested to fill the form and submit to the school front office along with the attachments mentioned in the form. Only students studying in Classes 1 onwards are eligible for this program.

The fees paid in the last academic year is refunded, so students of class 1 will be eligible only when the child comes in class 2.

The students whose scholarship is granted will be remitted the amount of fees paid in the previous academic year. Only tuition fees will be remitted and based on the merits and needs of the child. It is variable from 25% to 100%.

Please note that this scholarship program is administered by a scholarship committee formed by representative of the school and the board of trustees. The decision of this scholarship committee is final and no representations for the review of the decision will be entertained. No parent should contact any committee member directly. Any such effort may harm the chances of being eligible for scholarship. Also any falsification of data will be treated with grave concern.

The committee members may call for further information over and above mentioned in the form for facilitating the decision making process. Parents can attach any other documents they wish to further strengthen their contention of eligibility either for merit or for affordability.

The students who have been awarded scholarship last year need to fill the form to be eligible for the program this year too.

Click here for the Scholarship Application Form