At Udgam School, we follow NCERT-based CBSE curriculum. We supplement classroom learning with activities, workshops, competitions as well as hands-on projects. Acknowledging the trends, we have made our students well-equipped with technology and update our curriculum as need be. Be it students or teachers we have opened up enormous possibilities for both.

We have Subject Matter Experts to design the most suitable curriculum, as per the guidelines from CBSE, considering the age of the student. These experts research the subject and ensure to imbibe the best learning practices in academics. As per NEP-2020, at school, we make efforts to implement some of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs that are at the heart of overall education goals.

Udgam School For Children is now also an IB World school offering International Baccalaureate Career related Programme(Grade 11 & 12). The programme provides experiential learning to students including Masterclass, Workshops, projects, case studies, industry projects, industry engagement etc…

Practical knowledge is an important aspect of effective learning. At Udgam School, we impart textbook knowledge in a way that delivers an experience to students. We have also housed state-of-the-art equipment in laboratories to inspire students to develop scientific temperaments. Participation in Assemblies, Field Trips and Life Skills is yet another way we help our students learn efficiently.

We further make use of Senses Smart TV that gives an experience to a powerful device for learning, recapitulation, assessments etc., helping unfold the curriculum. Detailed Assessments and Olympiads (by SOF/LogIQids) are a regular thing for the students at Udgam School. These Olympiads enhance learning and skill sets that are an add-on to uncovering the syllabi.

For the holistic development of the student, participation in sports holds equal importance. We, hence, have specialists, proficient in various sports, guiding students over the same.

A student’s psychological well-being is equally important to make the best of the efforts of our teachers. We have counsellors who take care of our students and conduct sessions regularly on it. One-on-one sessions with students are also held as and when needed.