Back to School Action Plan for the New Normal

Recent times has incurred many changes and have made the world get adopted to things that they were not even aware of, all in an endeavour to keep themselves safe.Schooling, too, has seen a lot of changes in these times. From offline to online, the transition was though tough to digest initially, it then became an option more reliable, concerning the situation.With a successful transition of education online, parents now have their opinion in favour of online classes. But even if we strive the best, the weightage of offline learning would always be high.With the government announcing the step by step opening of the classes, the school is also ready and well equipped to welcome its students after the long break of physical classes.

What are the guidelines we are following? 

As a responsible CBSE School of Ahmedabad, we follow all the COVID-19 SOPs mentioned by the government, major of which are:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for health, hygiene, and other safety protocols before and after opening of schools.
  • SOPs for serving mid- day meal in schools.
  • Redefining teaching, learning and assessment to achieve desired learning outcomes.
  • Ensuring smooth transition of students from home-based schooling during lockdown to formal schooling.
  • Ensuring emotional wellbeing of students and teachers.

What are the precautions taken at school? 

Just before the school started physically, the management got the entire building sanitized, which is effective for three months. Despite this daily sanitization of the school campus is done. Even when we switch over classes/laboratories, sanitization takes place.

As soon as students come to school, we ensure getting their temperature check, which if found normal, only then students are permitted into the campus. Social distancing is another aspect we take care of at school. Apart from that, we have sanitizers placed at every entry point.

Is the school safe? 

We do not allow more than 14 students in a class, the number for which is determined as per the dimension of the classroom. Students are not allowed to stay beyond class hours. As soon as the sessions are over, the teachers ask them to go home. Moreover, they are under the constant supervision of a teacher all the time at school. The school thus adheres to all the precautions and SOPs, hence is safe to welcome its students.


We have all adopted the new normal and have got used to it now. As we can not envisage the situation to normalize soon, all we should do is, live our lives adhering to the rules of social distancing. As the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad, we will make sure to keep the safety of our students, to be our primary responsibility.

Remember, this is just a phase that the whole world is witnessing. But soon, it will end giving as umpteen memories and numerous life experiences.